Friday, November 13, 2009

Dream Audaciously

Meet my angel. She has spoons for wings and a chicken wire base. Stamped on some fabric scraps are the words "Dream" "Audaciously" and "Impossible things." A few posts ago Jill of creative oasis mentioned that she liked how I described my dream of the book as audacious. I hadn't thought too much about my choice of wording until I read her comment. Then I started to think a bit more about it.

Dreams are often audacious. When we allow ourselves to dream audaciously of impossible things, then there's a spark of hope and challenge that begins to well within us. A belief that maybe we could realize it, which develops into a what if we did- how would we start? And that is the beginning of actualizing our dreams.

Lately I've read how our dreams are given to us by God and how he uses these to instill in us a direction or purpose for our lives. Dream audaciously of climbing Mt. Everest? Or of designing your own line of children's clothes? How about writing a book? Or of having your own solo gallery exhibit? Often we live life dismissing those dreams in favor of what we see as real life. But what if we took a step towards our dreams? And then another and another? I believe we're blessed when we do. It takes courage to start, but once we do the way becomes clearer and it becomes a little easier. There is also the heart satisfaction that we are living the life we were created to live. Each one of us is unique with unique talents, abilities, interests, and experiences. Each one of us was created on purpose. Our dreams are often the clue to that purpose.

My little angel started out a week ago as an idea. Then Wednesday became a sketch. Then yesterday as I gathered supplies she became a little clearer to me, and then last night I found her. She wants to encourage us all to dream. Dream Audaciously of Impossible Things. What dreams of yours do you catch your breath at the thought of? My little angel wants to show you the possiblity and to wing you on your way to realizing that dream. I want to see you realize that dream. It's a wonderful journey.

Added Later: I had a friend just send me the dictionary definition of audacious and thought I'd share. "Here's what I found at for the word audacious - extremely original; without restriction to prior ideas; highly inventive. Also - extremely bold or daring; lively; unrestrained; uninhibited." Gives one ideas doesn't it? Thanks Shelley!


Single Stone Studios said...

This audacious angel inspires me.

terraworks said...

I love what you did with the art fragment pieces! You are extremely creative and this angel is amazing-
Honored to be a part of your artwork~


Unknown said...

It's amazing and magical how a single word can inspire a creation or a feeling! I absolutely love your "audacious angel" and can easily see her inspiring you to new "audacious" heights!! :)
All the best from my creative oasis to yours,

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Audacious! What a fabulous word. When I hear that word I think of the movie Hope Floats, with Sandra Bullock. One of the characters tells her that "she used to be so audacious".

The angel is wonderful, Jen!