Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday To -do's

The holidays are almost here and my little boy has been asking everyday WHEN can we start to decorate? I'm making him wait til after Thanksgiving. Poor child! It's hard to wait- at any age. So today we are starting to get together what we'll need to celebrate Thanksgiving and then for the Cookie Baking Day which follows on Friday. So now that I'm thinking ahead I thought I'd share what's on my to do list these next few days.

  • Pouring through recipes to choose just the right cookies to add to our usuals this year.
  • Buying containers for all the cookies.
  • Taking a trip to Costco to buy all the ingredients- IN BULK!!!
  • Mixing up gingerbread dough and baking it in little house molds to assemble later.
  • Writing out our Christmas lists.
  • Listening to LOTS of Charlie Brown Christmas music
  • Listening to LOTS of other Christmas music.
  • Decorating Gingerbread houses with the boys.
  • Teaching them that more has to actually go on the house than goes in their mouths. (There's a ratio there...)
  • Putting up Christmas Lights.
  • Making sure no one falls and hurts themselves while putting up said lights.
  • Enjoying some time with family and friends- I hope you do too!!!
What do you do to prepare? I'd love to know...

Hope you have a wonderful start to the season!!! Happy Holidays!

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