Friday, June 18, 2010

Passing it Along- Fabric Time Keepers

diy ornithology clock
Saw this diy ornithology clock over at going home to roost's site today. I LOVE it! She pulled it from design*sponge and the original contributor was Katie Pruitt. The bird theme is sweet, the feathers make it fabulous, and the fabric/embroidery hoop make it divine. So check out the tutorial here.

Strangely clocks are one of those things that have interested me lately. Just yesterday I was idly brainstorming ways to make a fabric and wire clock and how I would support it, the structure, etc. I don't know why this was on my mind. These things just happen sometimes. Then I find this gorgeous fabric clock and I swoon. So coming up with my own design is definitely a project to put on my "must do" list.

Now curious, I also did a bit of research on Etsy. This item is titled "Super Funky Fiber Clock" and is by Slapdash Designs. Super and funky are definitely the right adjectives don't you think?

Then there was the Fabric Watch by JSartist. They don't actually keep time but I thought they were cute. :)
Cute- if you haven't figured it out yet goes a LONG LONG way with me.

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Lessons Learned said...

oh. my. gosh. thanks so much for sharing that. i love fabric and embroidery hoops, and i make personalized clocks (i switched my blog name) and am looking for ways when i do shows to have them not so personalized and i just got some awesome ideas. Thanks!