Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sometimes You Feel Inspired, Sometimes You Don't

There are days that I look at this blank screen and think "what can I possibly say that anyone else would like to read?" I feel tapped. Then I look at the list of past posts on the side of the page and I think how did I ever find that many things to write about? Some are just fun and frivolous, some are of news I'd like to share, some are etsy items I love, and some are about books I've read. Usually I'm attempting to share something with you. You may or may not be interested but I'll throw it out there in the hopes that because it interests me it might interest some of you.

Inspiration fuels all our creative activities,including blogging, but only sometimes does it take you out of yourself and make the creation process effortless. When I write with this kind of inspiration, I feel like the typist, not the writer. The words are given to me. You know how that is, it happens with art too. Sometimes every decision you make seems made for you. Every color or mark you make was whispered to you. You simply do as you're told. It's inspiration at it's finest. it.Those are the times that I feel like God is breathing the inspiration into me.

Today I don't feel inspired to write on any one thing or another so I thought I would write about that. But as always when I think about inspiration, one thought leads to a question that leads to another thought that inevitably leads to a question. So for the rest of the day I'm going to keep track of all the instances when I acted upon inspiration. Whether it was reaching for a red colored pencil or a blue- or composing a photo from a slightly different angle, or writing down my thoughts.

I'd love to have you give it a try as well! Then let me know if you were surprised by anything. I'll do the same and it'll be our little experiment! Thank you!


danasparkle said...

what an inspired post. i was moved by inspiration to check out your badge from "my awakened heart". i hear you and you may be surprised to know i really enjoyed your perspective. thanks, we are all really connected.

scrapwordsmom said...

This was a very inspirational post. What a great idea to write all of our inspired thoughts down. I have never thought of that. I will give it a try!!

Shelby and Bev said...

"keep track of all the instances when I acted upon inspiration."

i like this idea jen, and i am going to do the same...this will be interesting...