Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy 2nd Etsy-versary!

Last year's Birthday Cake :)
Earlier this week my Etsy shop, Bird From A Wire, turned 2! It's a momentous milestone for me because, well, I've been on Etsy 2 whole years! The time has flown but I feel good about this. My shop has really grown even since last year and I've had such a great time. I love my etsy friends and my etsy shop and I'm so very very glad I took this leap.

Last year I ran through some statistics with you on my one year anniversary. I had a chance to look back at those and I feel grateful. Grateful that I've had this time with you all, and grateful at the encouragement and kindness I've received.

But for the fun of it, here's some of this year's coolness~
  • My etsy shop reached 1000+ hearts.
  • It received over 14,000 visitors
  • Over 50,000 page views
  • My work made the front page several times
  • I'm up to 148 sales
  • Met lots and lots of amazing people
  • Was able to give lots of money to Mercy Orphanage (thank you!)
  • Took the show on the road with my first art fair
Best of all, I really enjoyed myself! I love getting to know you, love finding kindred spirits, love all the fabulous fabulous convo's I've had. It's been wonderful and and enriching experience! If any of you have been thinking of taking the leap I really want to encourage you. AND I look forward to saying all this again next year. This really is such an amazing experience and I am so so excited! So Happy 2nd Etsy-versary to my shop!


makiko hastings said...

Congratulations on your 2nd etsy-versary! Wow you have done so much. I can feel your happiness. and more to come Jen. xm

Jo said...

Woohoo! Congratulations!!!! What amazing achievements, in a relatively short time too and amidst all that you juggle with in terms of family life!! Lots and lots to celebrate. Well done!!!
Hugs xxx
P.S. What a scrummy chocolate treat... well deserved!!

Mousy Brown said...

I just got back from a weeks holiday and was catching up on what I had missed - and hesitating as usual about taking the plunge and opening an etsy shop.....Thank you for this, I think you persuaded me to take the plunge! :D

Nic Hohn said...

ohhhh, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear bird on the wire at etsy,
happy birthday to you! hip hip hooray!

hope you celebrated with loads of yummy cake!