Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's all good... New Wire Art from Etsy Artists

Wire and fabric birdcage by PenniesForPets
It's been a while since I've searched Etsy for items like mine. When I started there were only 3-4 wire artists with stores and mine stood out because of the fabric. But today when I casually did a search I was kind of horror struck with all the marvelous gorgeous wire art out there now. :)

By Alive Wire on Etsy
I mean I know that there are other artists working with wire, and our styles are different, but the fact that I had market competition sort of threw me for a loop. Now if you're a jeweler, or illustrator you are completely shaking your head at me right now. I can feel it. ;) You're used to the market being larger,but it's something I haven't really had to deal much with.
Threesome by MyWireArt on Etsy

It's made me...
1) want to show you all the pretty pretty things by new artists
2) up my number of new designs and
3) take my shop a little more seriously.

To be honest, since I finished up my last big project I haven't put a ton of work into the wire. I needed a break and there are so many other wonderful medias to work in. It's just so tempting! I know you all understand the pull of the new.

Dress by WireDreams on Etsy
I really really do love all these works that I've posted and I think the artists are amazingly talented and I'm eager to see more of their work. I thought you might be too. I also know that competition is good, that there's room enough for everybody, I should hope that wire art is on the rise with my book coming out, AND that it's all good... But I thought I'd share. :)


Single Stone Studios said...

I totally get that feeling. When I forst started on Etsy about 2 yrs ago and I did a search for "wall decal" there were about 500 hits..2 short years later...more than 28,000. Yeah - HUGE growth! I like to think it's bc S3 is so cool and everyone wants ot be like us. HA! I'm totally kidding. It does kind of freak me out to think of the numbers. It's better to just pray and let God lead your gig and leave the "competition" feelings out of it. Easier said than done...

Anonymous said...

it can be overwhelming, but i think that it is so good to nurture the community as you have and the competition does keep on your toes. never forget that your expression and art are totally unique and there will always be someone to appreciate it.