Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Memorabilia Magnets Project Step by Step

My husband loves music so we've been to several concerts through the years we've been together and he keeps all his ticket stubs. All of them. They're all laid out downstairs in his office. A couple of years ago I looked at his collection and thought there had to be a better way of displaying them. That's when I thought up this magnet idea. I'm not so sure he thinks it's better per se, (he's a man of few words where my crafting is concerned) but he has mentioned that he likes them. That says a lot. :) I really enjoy having them on the fridge as a little reminder of things past. It's also a great conversation starter.

A sample of how this works-
visitor: "So you saw The Producers with it's original cast on Broadway?" me: "we did- how did you know?" ;)

The project itself is so easy I hesitate to call it a tutorial, but I took the photos so I decided I might as well do it up as a step by step. This same idea could be used for all kinds of memorabilia. Say you have your child's handprint in paint. You could follow the same instructions below and make customized hand print magnets. To adjust the size of whatever item you'd like to use make a photocopy reducing it in size.
Memorabilia Magnets Project

Tools and Materials
Old ticket stubs or other memorabilia
Adhesive Backed Sheet of Magnet Material

Step One: On the paper side of your magnet sheet trace your memorabilia of choice.

Step Two: Cut along this line

Step Three: Remove paper backing to expose adhesive

Step Four: Carefully place your ticket stub or memorabilia on the magnet

Step Five: Using a slight pressure smooth your item down to get all over adhesion to magnet sheet.

OK that was so ridiculously simple I'm really amazed at myself for thinking I needed to step it out (into 5 steps!!!). But it's done and I have one more fabulous, fantastic, personalized, one of a kind memorabilia magnet and you have pics to show you how to do it too. Enjoy:)


scrapwordsmom said...

No, I love and appreciate steps like this. So thank you for a great idea!:)

Kristin said...

Love that idea! I have a bunch of old tickets, etc. in scrapbooks, but it would be so much more fun to look at them regularly...and better than ads for everything in the world on our fridge! I would need to keep the pizza ones up though... :)

Kerri said...

great idea- i keep lots of stubs too, but never know what to do with them. :)

MP of MP Minis said...

I love this idea! I did it too but put clear tape over the ticket to keep it nice.
Mary Pat

Jen said...

Thanks all & Mary Pat that's a fabulous idea! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm goingto add that as a tip on my fb post about this.:)

Fallon said...

Good idea! Old concert tickets serve no good just sitting in a box =)