Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Custom made book photo holder for an Etsy customer
I chose the title today thinking I'd show you some of the random projects I've been working on lately. But as soon as I typed it I realized that the word "random" pretty much characterizes all aspects of my life right now. Not to say I don't have a plan, it's just that the order, the project, the ideas are all shifting and shuffling so quickly right now. I'll have some thoughts about my book and come up with all sorts of ideas for promoting it. Fun, fun stuff. So that goes on my mental list, then I think about my son going to kindergarten in a few weeks and I feel this urge to take him to the parks, or geocaching, or to the History Center. All things we'd talked about doing at the beginning of the summer. There's a contest I want to enter, some submissions I'd like to make, a class I'm prepping for, and some overdue library books. So those start shifting into my to-do list, then I throw in all the day to day's and a few odd commitments, and before you know it I'm walking out the door unsure if I'm going to the co-op, the fabric store, the park, or school shopping. 

Shirt customized with some stitching/applique
I'd feel bad about how random it all is right now but I know that this extreme is the exception, not the rule for me. For some reason, right now is doing this to me, but it's ok. I'm still dealing with it all, I'm still getting my commitments fulfilled, I'm even able to do some things I want to do but don't have to. Like the shirt at right for my son. His new school's dress code states no lettering, pictures, or numbers on their clothing. I don't know if you've browsed boy fashions lately but unless it's a solid color there's usually some markings on it. So to spruce up one of the solid color polo's I found, I stitched on a stripe of red cut from one of my husband's cast off shirts, and then added a bit more decorative stitching. I like it, and I enjoyed it. How do you plan your day? I usually fall back to lists. I'm curious, how do you balance the day to day's but still add in the "want to do's"? Do you? Or do you let them slide?

Last night I made a plan for today. It's simple. Go to the post office and ship Etsy custom order and care packages. Finish a mini art quilt I have going. Renew my library books. Contact Bible Study Fellowship about their fall program. It's all good things. It's all do-able. I might even be able to throw in a bit of geocaching with Jasper. :)


Shelby and Bev said...

i love the photo holder jen, very nice...
my life has been pretty random lately too, can't seem to focus on one thing...just have to go with it..

Kelly said...

I feel ya on the randomness of things in your head. Makes me feel like I can't concentrate on just one thing!
Love your blog. Makes me happy and makes my fingers itch to make something!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Well, this post MOST definitely sums up my life. My days are a hodgepodge of laundry, trips to the grocery, post office, random errands, quick jaunts to Hobby Lobby (only to tell myself that I don't NEED anymore art/craft supplies) and preparations for my boys starting school in less than 3 weeks.

I feel that I'm not able to focus on things like I used to. Maybe that comes with age? Projects that I want to do fill my head daily and change daily. I have tons of unfinished projects, quilts, journals, and jewelry that I want to finish but don't.

I think it's just the state of our world now that leaves us feeling like there's not enough time in any given day to accomplish what we need to. The demands of those of us who have families and have to provide for them leave little time for the creative things that make us happy and nourish our souls.

I say just do the best we can each day and what isn't done that day, then put it on the list for tomorrow! Yes, I do lists almost everyday. It helps me keep my focus for that day and get things done.

Have a blessed day, Jen! I wrote you back on FB.

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

Totally understand what you are talking about ... I was never like this when I was working full time. I was so organized. Until just a while ago I kept thinking that I was having problems after being sick but I think that it is just a part of being on your own and trying to juggle (and justify) being a stay at home mom, a wife and an artist that is trying to spread her wings.

I hope that you enter the cloth paper scissors contest. I looked into that when it was first published in the magazine but the contest is not open to Canadian artists. It would be a great contest to win! Good luck!!!

Kolleen said...

i can totally relate to this post!!!!

if i would just stick to my "to do" lists instead of getting off the track i probably wouldn't feel the way i do!!! seems easier said than done for me.

i hope you accomplish all you need to today!!!

i was in BSF many years ago while i was pregnant with my first....LOVED it and was fortunate enough to be a part of it for many years before having baby #2!!!


Kolleen said...
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Single Stone Studios said...

I so relate to this. I officially diagnosed myself with design schizophrenia as I am once again redecorating parts of my house. Been trying to make some mixed media pieces. Can't seem to focus on digital work of which I have an abundance. Prepping for back-to-school. Mackenzie hit a growth spurt and her sugar has been all over the place - lots of time and effort going into that. House hunting - I know, the decorating of the current place makes no sense. Plus the regular daily stuff. Today I filled the dishwasher, put detergent in it and realized about 3 hours later I never turned it on ;)

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Shelley said: "Today I filled the dishwasher, put detergent in it and realized about 3 hours later I never turned it on"

Been there did that same thing just last week!!! I call it "Mommy Brain". I think we lose so many brain cells after having children. I put a pot of tea on the stove this morning then walked off and 20 minutes later realized that I had forgotten it and over half of it had boiled away! Ugghhh

Single Stone Studios said...

LOL Cristi I have boiled my tea away too! Mommy brain is a good term for it. I'm not exactly sure how it happens but I'm quite certain I used to be more together than this!

Jen said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! I love hearing what you all think and it seems we're all in agreement that it's the season we're in. Whether that's growing your business while balancing home and a day job, or because we're at home with the kids. A lot of demands does tend to make me feel this way. :) Thanks for your support. We'll all have to stick together. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the photo holder! I have teens and I still have Mummy brain. I have trained them to think for me, so it is actually not to bad.....