Friday, September 10, 2010

All Three of My Artisan Entries- Revealed!

I just finished entering my work into the Artisan contest. Wow! It's such an amazing feeling. Each artist was asked to submit three pieces of art and then two additional detail shots of each entry. I tried to enter three very different pieces to show as wide a variety of techniques, materials, and skills as possible. There is a connection between the three, which I talk about a bit at the end of this post (besides that they all contain wire and fabric in some way). You were also allowed a little description area to tell of your process, your inspiration, your materials and techniques. It's fairly daunting but also very very fun. I showed you the completed angel last post and I did show you close ups of the first two but not the completed pieces. SO today I thought I'd do a big reveal of all three images (drum roll please....) :)

Entry #1: My Life Story is Unfolding- Stitched Wire Sculpture

The idea behind this piece was to take my journal entries from 2d to 3d. I also love the idea of a person's life unfolding as a flower does. Bits and pieces are revealed as if petal by petal. I realized not long ago, while journaling that my life has been unfolding and has now reached the point where most of the major questions I had as a child have been answered. There's more to the story behind this piece so if you'd like to read more go here.

Entry #2: Creative Bloom Mixed Media Quilt

This is the quilt I showed you a sneak peak of over a week ago in this post. It was a work in progress photo so I thought I'd show you how it came out. Again, there's a story behind this piece that I'd love to have you read about here.

Entry #3: My Angel of Inspiration- Stitched Sculpture

I really do love how this one came together. A total gift from God. I've never done arms on any of my angels before, I'd never added clothes, and I'd never added the little elements like the flowers, needles, or polymer clay bird before. The fact that her coat actually fit her is a miracle unto itself- seriously. I really do love how she turned out though. She feels like such an expression of who I am as an artist.

The connection between all three of these pieces is that they were all inspired by inspiration. It's an idea I love thinking about. Where does inspiration come from? How does it work? Why do you get ideas out of the blue? Can you cultivate it? How do you get more? I explored all of these questions when I wrote my upcoming book, Creative Bloom. I'm really excited to be able to share more about the book and as we near the two months to publication date next week I expect to be able to give you a couple of glimpses. But, in the meantime I'd love to know what inspires YOU most? and how is this reflected in your art? Is it? Please leave a comment and share with us!!


Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

Hello Jen ... congrats on sending your entries in for the contest! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you. All of the pieces are beautiful. I think that I love the flower the best because it is so simple and yet so complex as you start to notice the writing (love your colours too).

What inspires me ... everything! rusty cans by the dock at the marina, magazines and books that I read while waiting at the doctor's office, wild flowers along the side of the road ... life. And it all works into my art even if it is just a colour combination.

Terri said...


I too love the diversity, yet harmony of your three choices.

I hear in your "voice" that every step you've taken on this path has given you confidence and has propelled you forward to the next step. What an exciting adventure so far!

You have the gift of encouragement.

My inspiration carries over between art and cooking. I'll see an art piece of someone's, or have a meal at a restaurant, and think, "This is really great, but now I want to take this and do 'such and such' with it".


Gina Lee Kim said...

Jen! These are beautiful! What a talented, well-rounded, amazing artisan you are!!!

The wall hanging is just to die for! Truly. Your life-story-unfolding wire sculpture with all your journal entries as the fabric piece is so clever with meaning. Then there is the angel...a symbol of guardianship, courage & blessings. I just know she is smiling.

You took mixed media to another level. Best of luck to you!! It's your heart behind your work....and that inspires me.

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

I truly LOVE them all, but have to say the flower is my favorite!

I wish you the best in this competition and will be looking forward to seeing your name in CPS very soon!

Single Stone Studios said...

All 3 of these are absolutely amazing! I love the "unfolding" of the flower and am particularly partial to these angels you make. The hands and little bird are such a perfect addition.

Inspiration - Lately is seems that my inspiration is more like searching. Rather than seeing something and creating it, I create in search of something.

Jen said...

Had to pop on and tell you all how very very grateful I am for your comments and encouragement. I've read all of them several times today. From the bottom of my heart- thank you!!! I've loved reading about your inspirations. I think I have to agree that it's often several impressions we get while doing other things- suddenly I'll glimpse something or be inspired by something completely unrelated. I have created go find things too. Most of my journal entries are expressly for that purpose. Yay! Thanks again!