Friday, September 24, 2010

Have to Have it Jewelry

The charm necklace I made at TCC
Lately my jewelry fixation has come into it's own. I've always liked jewelry, I've even made jewelry, but I tended not to wear jewelry. It's just one more thing to do in the morning, and honestly, I have trouble pulling on a pair of jeans most mornings. It just seems hard. But in the last couple of weeks that's starting to change. I'm getting dressed early in the day and looking good because I can't wait to choose and wear some of my new jewelry.

My New Bracelet!!
Really it started with a couple of necklaces I got from a friend. She's 2 if by Sea and she has this knack for creating these amazing necklaces. The first necklace she gave me was a gift, but then I went and bought another from her etsy shop. She gets everything just right, the chain, the beads, the colors, the sizes, the pendants. I've dabbled with all these elements in the past so I know enough about how difficult and overwhelming the design process can be to be able to appreciate the talent she has for getting it all so right. Then just this last week she surprised me with one of her bracelets I'd admired. It truly is loooooveely, all copper and green and perfect for fall.

My new necklaces from Lisa Souers
So that was the start- then last week at The Creative Connection I found Lisa Souers of Lisa Souers Designs. She was on the far left aisle of the Handmade Market and I almost missed her. I love the way she's combined the vintage metal feel with resin and collage. The colors and shapes of her work really appeal to me as well. The dark patina of the metal that she uses gives her work a sort of industrial feel that contrasts really delightfully with the light and girly collages she creates. I have to say I kind of couldn't believe how good her prices were either. So good in fact that I bought two of her necklaces. ;)

Then I got to make the charm necklace you see at top in my La Bohemian Charm Necklace class at TCC taught by the amazing Kaari Meng of French General. I went back later and purchased a second kit from her and came home and made the necklace you see at right. It was fun to do because I got to add some supplies that I had and some vintage jewelry I'd pulled off of some garage sale finds. So the loveliness is really starting to stack up. You can imagine my dilemma each day. I have to find a shirt to wear each morning that will coordinate with whatever jewelry I feel like wearing that day. Oh, and I have to mention too that at TCC we were all given these cute little stamped silver necklaces from Lisa Leonard. They say "create a handmade life" and of course being silver, goes with anything.

Then to make it really really hard I just had returned to me, earlier this week, the jewelry I created for my book. There is a  "charming" charm bracelet, a sparkling fabric and wire cuff, and a fabulous fiber necklace. Now here's the super cool news- they'll be for sale in another month or so when I've got the rest of my fabric jewelry line ready to debut. I've never actually offered my jewelry for sale before so I'm really excited/ a little nervous to introduce you all to it. There will be necklaces, cuffs, pendants, earrings and some funky cool badges. I'm really excited by the possibilities of those. So I hope you'll check back soon for the sneak peek. I'd also love it if you'd leave a comment letting me know what jewelry you own that you love to wear (wedding rings don't count ;). Have a great weekend!!!


Single Stone Studios said...
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Single Stone Studios said...

I've become a bit of a jewelry addict in the past year. I always wear my wedding rings on my left hand. On my right I wear a chunky ring on my middle finger and a filigree ring on my ring finger - all 3 in silver or white gold. I always wear a bracelet or several, been into long dangly earrings again and occasionally throw on a necklace too. I like to layer my necklaces and bracelets a lot. I really need to start working in some color from my jewelry. I tend to wear lots of metals.

I LOVE your jewelry and am so excited to see what you've been up to!!

Kelly said...

That necklace you created looks fantastic! And you'll get no sympathy from me on your "which-beautiful-necklace-I-wear-today" dilemma! What a great problem to have!
and i like to have one special piece to wear that stands out, whether it be a necklace, bracelet or super earrings. It just depends on my mood and my outfit... Sorry, that's not much help!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Wow... really great pieces! I have to say bracelets are my favorite pieces to wear! :)

chrissy said...

...this is SO exciting as i am a jewelry freak and i LOVE your work so the combination is going to be oh so fun! i can.t wait to see all the loveliness. i am a lover of chunky jewelry that doesn.t really all match together, more of an eclectic mix of things....i.ll be looking forward your stuff.

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Wow Jen! Thank you again for the shout out! I'm so thrilled that you liked your bracelet. Your Bohemian necklace is wonderful! I've been contemplating doing some longer pieces myself.

As much as I love making jewelry and looking at others' jewelry designs, I rarely wear anything other than my earrings and wedding ring.