Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Special "Art as Usual" Pre-Order Options for Purchasing My Book!

It's almost here! My book, Creative Bloom: Wire and Fabric Projects and Inspiration will be available in mid- November; only a month and a half away! To celebrate I've designed some special pre-order packages. I really had fun dreaming up these packages and can't wait for you to see them. I want you to know though, that the book, by itself, is also available for pre-order through online retail sites at a really good price. I just wanted to offer you some extra artsy goodness in these packages because I can. It's also a bit of a thank you. I love this blog because of how sweet and generous and encouraging you all are. I am so grateful. This post unlike my usual ramblings, is however, really about the pre-order packages I dreamed up so if you've already ordered my book- thank you! Would you mind telling a friend or two? I really do appreciate it!
 So to make it super easy I've linked this post to my pre-order page where you can purchase these packages as well as find additional information about what is included in each package and see the special pre-order pricing. Each package does include priority shipping. I will ship them to you as soon as possible after I receive them. Yay!

Three Very Special Pre-Order Packages-

I designed three packages that will only be available through me and most probably only for a limited time, the Personal Creativity Package, the Creative Christmas Package, and the Creativity to Share Package. I created each of them with different purchasing reasons in mind.

For instance, if you can't wait to buy the book for your own personal artistic development and are really giving it as a gift to your artist self then the Personal Creativity Package is for you. Not only does it come wrapped as a gift, but it also comes with the wire word "inspire" handmade by me. This is sized so that you can either display it in your studio space, or you can actually incorporate it into your personal artwork. As an artist I know how hard it can be to stay motivated and I'm hoping that in this book, and with this wire reminder, you'll find personal inspiration that will not only motivate you but excite you as well. This package is specially priced for pre-order at $24.95

Next we have the Creative Christmas Package. This I designed as a special gift you'll give to that artist friend or family member who you know quivers with excitement at the sight of a new craft book. They love the gorgeous photo layouts, the exciting projects, and the inspirational writing and can't wait to delve in. They might have an interest in fabric, or mixed media, or fine art and be inspired by the possibilities this book shows for combining all of these. I guarantee there's no other book like this anywhere so this makes a unique gift like none other. To make it even better I've included special Christmas themed wrapping as well as a handmade snowflake ornament created by me. This is an original design that combines wire and beads that I know they will keep and love to pull out year after year. This book will also come signed and with a blank gift tag for you to use. Oh, and if you love Christmas you can purchase this for yourself as well. It makes a nice "Merry Christmas to me" present. This package is priced for pre-order at $34.95. I am only selling a limited number of these packages. So order early!

The third option is the Creativity to Share Package. This is the one to get if you'd love to give this book as a gift but really want one for yourself as well. It comes with two books, each signed, and each wrapped as a gift. I priced this package to make getting two books a little more do-able. Now you don't have to choose to give the book or keep it. You can do both!!! This package is available at the special pre-order price of $45.95. That's less than cover price!

Again, I am so excited to offer you these packages! I love that they include not only the book but allow me to add my personal touches that really convey the sense that this is really something special from me to you. From my artist spirit to yours. Again, thank you all so much.

****If you'd like to purchase more than two copies of this book, say if you want to give one to each member of your art group this year, then please contact me for additional special pricing. I'd love to talk to you and help you spread the creativity around!



Congratulations on your new book !!

Christine Doyle said...

Love the idea of special book packages! You're always thinking of great ideas!

Pam Carriker said...

Congratulations on your book!! It looks wonderful and just in time for Christmas!!

the messy nest said...

what a great idea!

I saw your art when I went in for my photoshoot, and it was all marvelous and wonderful!

Congratulations Jennifer :)

Julie said...

So exciting...these packages look so wonderful. Can't wait to see the book!

The MadStamper said...

Congrats girlie! This is so wonderful and exciting! Couldn't be happier for you!!! :)