Friday, September 10, 2010

My Girl

I finished her the other night and hate to leave her anywhere. I move her from room to room with me throughout the day and love looking at her. She's my Angel of Inspiration and she represents who I am as an artist. She's constructed primarily of fabric and wire- my personal fave's. She is also very mixed media and glories in it. Besides fabric and wire she has a torso made of a spool of thread and arms that are paper clay. Her skirt and jacket are- of course- artist's canvas and have needles embedded on either side of the front. You've probably caught the sewing theme by now but for extra emphasis she's holding a small embroidery scissor given to my by my mother. Besides sewing she loves found objects (the pieces of carpenter's ruler) and she is of course, much enamored with birds. Because she represents my inspirations I had to include my love of drawing and color by adding in the used and broken bits of caran' dache crayons.

Because I love flowers (you all know that I do) she wears flowers, one in her hair at one at her breast. She's my girl and I love her and I hope you do too. She is also, my final entry for the Artisan contest so I am done done done! In the few weeks since I decided to jump in and enter so many amazing artists have contributed their work to the contest, I really want to encourage you all to stop over and take a look. But it's a little scary. There are some truly amazing works and I look at my entries and feel the pull to protect them and myself by not entering. If I don't then there's nothing risked and I won't feel badly if no one likes them. But if I do enter, and post my three little projects then I'll feel like I've been brave and feel good about myself for having done it. The flip side of course, is feeling regret if I let this opportunity, this chance, pass.

So I'm gonna jump- I think My Angel would approve.


Unknown said...

She's great :)

Mousy Brown said...

I think she is gorgeous - good luck in the contest and congratulations on being so brave! :D