Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All in a Week's Time....

Newly Released!!
It's been busy around here and in the last week I've...
-Taught a class on my wire flowers at the Studio at Rush Creek (and LOVED meeting the lovely ladies who attended!!!)
-Sighed with anticipation when my advance copy of Sew Somerset came (lots and lots of goodness in there)
-Attended the end of the year picnic at my son's school
-Gone to the hardware stores more times then I'd like  (ok that's a lie I really like going to the hardware store but don't tell my husband... ;)
-Painted lots and lots of beautiful trim white 
-Polyurethaned a door (never done that so it made the list.)
-Started Christy Tomlinson's new e-course, She Had Three Hearts (love it!)
-Raided the craft shelf at my local library
-Painted my newly remodeled bathroom- it's almost finished!
-Took a bath in my lovely new tub
-Wrote an article for CPS gifts issue
-Sent in proposals for a couple of magazines (although that might have been the week before-can't remember)
-Brainstormed ideas for the Sew Somerset deadline coming up in July (thought it was in  June so I got an early start)
at the zoo
-Watched Tron and Tron 2 with my husband (better then I expected)
-Completely enjoyed my son's reaction to the new Kung Fu Panda 2 (he vibrated all the way into the theatre, through the movie, and all the way home- it was THAT good) 
-Went to the Minnesota Zoo and saw the sea otters
-AND got to start reading through my new book, Plaster Studio by Stephanie Lee + Judy Wise (completely lovin' it!)
New book!
*Those were the highlights and what I really really love is that this is a typical week for me. I don't get new books or magazines all the time but I really love how my life is such a mix of home and art.  

The things that really make life good though are the little things, the comments you leave me, the new recipe I tried, the time spent with my son and husband, the fabulous new idea that hit in the middle of the night, and the texts I get during the day from my friends just wondering what I'm up to. It's all so good and I am really so so grateful to be living this life. Right now. Thank you all for being part of what makes it so good. I really really appreciate it. :)

So what have you been up to? Found any cool new art technique? Gone somewhere new? Found something old you just loved? Picked up a killer new book or magazine? I'd love to hear from you- so please leave a comment so that we can know what you've been up to. Thanks!


scrapwordsmom said...

Sounds like an amazing week!

HeARTworks said...

My first time to visit and I loved it! Will put you on my blog list so I'll come and visit regularly. Today I'm giving a workshop on Creative Faith Journaling this afternoon.