Friday, May 20, 2011

Resources and Tips for Publishing Your Art

From talking with some of you, and others, I know that publishing your art is a goal. How to achieve that goal is a topic that usually comes with a lot of questions. So yesterday I began compiling some info that I've found to be helpful and have posted them as a page here at Art as Usual (look up and under the blog header you'll see it). This is a total work in progress, and I plan to add more info and links as I can. But I think I have enough info here to get you started if this is, in fact, a dream of yours. So take a look, and know that you can be published. 

I'm off now to finish up some prep for my Author Night tonight over at the Studio at Rush Creek. I'm hoping to see some of you who are local, there. I think it'll be fun and am excited to be spending time with some other crafty guys and girls.I hope that you too, whatever your plans are, have a fabulous evening tonight. :)


E Makes Art said...

I've thought about sending in work to be published in a mag, but still haven't taken any steps to do it! One day! And speaking of, I just got CPS and I love your article in there (and congrats on the cover!)
And thanks for dropping by my blog... I do have many fun things on my plate... now I need to find the time, lol!


Creative Pink said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by at my blog, you asked if you could reblog the video and the pictures you have seen me post. I can not say that beacuse none of them is mine I found them on youtube and the witchbookmark I think I may have found on
By the way I like your blog alot =)

pigwidget said...

Thank you for pulling together the information you have so far. As a dream I too have for 'one day' such information regarding submissions is uber-valuable. Getting folks to impart that often 'secret' information is challenging. So thank you :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Hello Miss Jen! I just found you through the Create Mixed Media site recommended by my friend Barbara Lewis. I am a new follower! I love your blog, and your artistic home is what I would like to acheive in mine, given more hours in my day! I especially love your references for the publishing. That is high on my life list and I am actively pursuing this dream right now. Your resources will be golden to me, so thank you. Enjoy the day!

Jen @ By Jen ❤️ said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of this. I am really excited about being published in Create With Me this summer, and it has sparked a great desire to get more published. I think I might still want to write a book, too (and I still can't thank you enough for all your helpful information). We'll see.... Anything is possible, right?