Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wrapping Up the Jeans Challenge

One Pair of old painting jeans can mean nine or more new denim accessories. Who knew? Here's what I've got:
1. a funky denim headscarf (part of one pant leg)
2. a stitched denim cuff (part of another pant leg and a back pocket button)
3. a cute little flower ring (from little scraps)
4. a sassy little purse with rolled denim flowers (back pocket, leg, waist band and button)
5. a funky and chunky chain necklace (inseam of pants legs plus leg fabric)
6.  a rolled denim brooch (other back pocket material)
7. a sweet little rolled denim flower barrette (scraps again)
8.& 9. AND a little inspiration bag plus notebook (front right pocket, fabric from front of leg, inseam of leg, and zipper fly of jeans

There's still a bit of material left but inspiration hasn't struck so I'm calling that a maybe addendum for the future. Right now, after a couple of weeks staring at the same fabric I'm ready for a change. Here are some more pics of the inspiration bag I just finished up. It was a total hodge podge of pieces and really would've made a really confusing tutorial. So I opted to show you some pics of the finished bag instead. The notebook was created from a small mini with cover removed. Then I glue sticked on some of the jeans fabric. The holes at the top were punched with the crop-a-dile. I stitched the flower on through the paper backing. It's pretty cute. :) Note what a fabulous closure the zipper fly of the jeans made for the main compartment of the little bag. I really like how that turned out. It's the perfect size for a phone, a small wallet, whatever. In the back pocket I've got my coupons I always forget, a place to put the business cards I also seem to forget/or a small glue stick. Perfect! It has been a GREAT challenge and I hope that it's given you some ideas and shown you what a really old pair of jeans is still capable of. Enjoy the pics!


Carrie said...

Love that little bag and the zipper closure is perfect. I'll be playing with the next pair of jeans that I've worn out.

Beth said...

You have to send the bag in for Haute Handbags!!! Deadline: 5/20/11