Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bathroom Makeover

Before View from hall
Don't you just LOVE before and after's? I know I am a complete sucker for them. Each time I see a fabulous "after" posted somewhere I'm paging back for the "before" hoping it's really really awful. The more dramatic the better. I was always a sucker for makeover movies too. The one's where the girl starts out clumsy, or a little backwards looking and ends up a total bombshell. slight.

After View from hall
The funny thing is that although I'm beyond the need for a  personal makeover reveal I do still LOVE the before and after's of home remodeling. Trolling through sites I found the Ugly Houses website and wow do I have to say I am GLAD GLAD GLAD we hired some professionals to help us with our bathroom remodel. My husband had contemplated doing it himself but just the idea of ripping out and replacing our cast iron tub made him doublethink and look for help. The guys that did the remodel have been absolutely a godsent blessing. SO if you live in this area and ever want a referral just let me know. :)

I've mentioned before that we live in a 1980's split level house and the bathroom is one of those that has the two doors, one from the master bedroom and one from the hall. It's a small space and the floor plan was pretty set because of the space/plumbing etc. So we did what we could, we pulled out the tub and replaced it with a deeper whirlpool tub that fit the same spot. Another huge change is the pocket door that replaced the door to the master bedroom. Because we took out that door we now have a usable wall space next to the tub that holds our towels. Before the towel rack was over the toilet and the bath towels would fall down over the toilet top. Ick. There was no place for hand towels.

Icky carpeting

Lovely New Tile
We replaced the icky molding tile in the shower area with travertine we got on sale at our local tile shop. We replaced the mdf vanity that had a fake marble top with a nice new wood one with a travertine top. The wall mirror is gone and a wall mounted medicine chest is in it's place, and the hollywood glamour lighting fixture's been replaced as well. It's all new and it's all lovely and I love love love how it turned out. The biggest change though has to be the floor. I HATED the icky brown carpeting on the floor and the new travertine tiles are a HUGE improvement.  So I am a happy happy girl. I hope you enjoy the little tour. :)
The new vanity area   
Tile close up :)


Single Stone Studios said...

Love love LOVE the way everything turned out! I love the contrast you get with the slate accent tiles and the dark wood of the vanity. That vanity makes the space for me! ENJOY :)

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Looks great!

Heidi and Jason said...

LOVE IT!!!!! It looks great Jen!!! You guys lived a long time with that cool carpet and from the looks of it it was worth the wait becuase it looks amazing!

Kelly said...

It turned out fantastic! The vanity looks great and that new tile is a MAJOR improvement over that old carpet - although I'm sure you'll miss that lovely carpet :)
Well done!!

Unknown said...

It looks amazing!! So happy that it's finally done. I'm kind of sad that the carpet is gone though.

Shelby and Bev said...

oh, this looks so good! i love new and fresh in the bathroom...
we re-did both of ours over the last 4years...and now we have sold our house! the rental we are in has great bathrooms, so i don't feel so bad!

The MadStamper said...

It's beautiful!!!! I bet you love taking a shower in there now! : ) Is that slate in the accent tiles? Our bathroom has that too! Happy for you!