Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Handmade in Print

The family and I were making the 6 hour return trip from Bismarck, ND this weekend when we decided to stop midway at Fargo for a break. Our usual spot is the Barnes and Noble. As I was quickly scanning titles in the magazine section I ran into a new UK magazine titled Handmade Living. This is the second UK magazine that I've happened upon recently. The other is Mollie Makes. They were both debut issues and both covered different aspects of the handmade life. Sort of a more current and niche-y alternative to Martha Stewart. There are recipes, gardening tips, and how-to's. Glancing through the Handmade Living they had done an editorial challenge using a cheapo IKEA frame. Staff members had each put their spin on it. Cute idea I thought. But feeling a little broke I decided to wait on purchasing it. Plus it didn't scream "buy me".

The other magazine, Mollie Makes, not only shouted "buy me" in great big huge capitol letters but also insisted I take it over to the check out immediately. I adore it. First of all it came with a little kit attached to make this adorable little iphone cozy. It was felt- it came with felt. What's not to love there? Then, it has a section on what's new and hot on the handmade scene. Everything from new product lines from the likes of Ty Pennington and Amy Butler, some really interesting bits about new books, a calender for all things crafty (happening in the UK), a whole article devoted to ruffles, and another to using bobble trim, and a fabulous peak into the home of Dottie Angel. AND get this, that just scratches the surface. It also has tutorials, more little bits of news, upcoming designer bio's, etc. etc. Curious? They have a preview of the issue available online here.

Seriously I am smitten. But it makes me wonder why the UK? Why don't we have something trendy and local like this here? Is there a bigger audience for this sort of thing there? I think I might want to move. But maybe I've just overlooked it- do any of you know of a US lifestyle magazine for the handmade crowd? Please leave a comment if you do know of one, or if you have any thoughts on this. And have a super wonderful day!!!


carol gourley said...

thanks for sharing Jen, I went and checked out the preview. I would buy this one in an instant. I LOOOVe Dottie Angel everything!. I will be looking for this mag.
thanks again

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

I found Mottie Makes last Thursday in a bookstore (in Canada) and I bought it immediately! My daughter wanted to make the felt ipod cosy that was on the cover. I am totally in love with this magazine too. It was sooo inspiring that I had to start a new idea book ... I've been "smashing", drawing and writing all week. Now I have to find the next issue ... hopefully it will be on newstands here soon.

Mellisa said...

Just found your blog and I'm enjoying it immensely :)

The closest thing I can think of based on your description of Mollie Makes is the e-mag http://delishmag.com It's photographed beautifully, has artist interviews and features items found on Etsy.