Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Summer Summer All the time....

At the Lake
Just last night I was thinking about how quickly this summer is going already. I've really been enjoying this extra time with my son and was shaking my head at myself that I ever worried about the time. Now I'm sitting here with him on my lap as he's telling me "Your name is Jennifer pee pee swift and how come you have such a weird middle name (I don't) and why does that bug want to come in the window, etc. etc..."

At a Cinco de Mayo Birthday party
If you offered to take him from me right now I'd maybe even consider the offer for a millisecond. Boys have this innate ability drive you crazy. It's honed at a young age. They apprentice with their fathers. I'm just saying...

But I am glad that I get to be here to be annoyed. I'm glad that as a stay at home mom I have the luxury of just having him around. Even if it means totally annoying and distracting behavior, it also means trips to the zoo, unexpectedly deep conversations in the car, playdates that turn out to be as much fun for me as for him, laughing over lunch, and all the other little things that get spread out over the days.

Time Flying
SO although I've been totally lax on this blog as of late, I think that the places I have been spending my time, here at home, and with my family- are more important so I'm not going to sweat it. I know that many of you are moms with kids on summer break as well and I guess I thought I'd pop on today to tell you not to sweat it either. These are times that don't last forever.... although at the moment you might, like me, be throwing a big "AMEN" to the end of that sentence. :) Hold in there -and enjoy the summer!
At our first outdoor music concert as a family- FUN!

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HeARTworks said...

Kids can be a pain, but how we do loooove them! And you're right, remember it's not going to last forever, when they want to be around you ALL the time, and want you to do things for them ALL the time. My son is 16 and i wish he needed me more often!