Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Handmade Embellishments 101: Altered Clothespins

I've noticed that it's stash busting week over at interweave- noticed because each of their daily e-mails has mentioned stashes. Little projects seem to be the best way to bust your stash. And things like the little embellishment at left is a good example. It's little, it's cute, it uses lots and lots of bits of materials.It can be an embellishment to add to your next mixed media piece or add a pin back to it and you've got a lovely, one of a kind brooch. Of course, as a brooch you might want to ditch the clothespins. I like clothespins however, and if I were to make this into a larger mixed media work I would definitely keep the clothespins.   

To make your own artsy clothespins all you need is a few clothespins, some permanent ink, and stamps. And who can't scrounge those from somewhere around their stash? Ok, so maybe not all who are reading happen to have clothespins, or permanent ink, or stamps so if not, they are very very easy to procure. Actually, your local Michael's or JoAnn can be a one stop shop. The clothespins hide in the wooden cut out aisle, the ink and stamps can be found in scrapbooking. It really is the little details that I love to indulge myself in when I'm creating a work of mixed media. And it's so easy to make a bunch up and then they'll be ready for your next burst of inspiration. Have fun!

All the necessary materials
All it takes.... :)


The MadStamper said...

Ohhhh! These are super cute Jen! I'll have to make some up, thanks for the inspiration!!! =) (miss ya!)

Sonja Milojevic said...

Beautiful clothespins! What a simple and wonderful way to alter them!