Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unique Gifts for the Teacher in Your Life

A artful corsage for the stylish teacher
I think I've mentioned before that my mom is a teacher. My dad is a teacher. My grandmother, aunts and great aunts are all teachers. It runs in the family and if you're in my family and are not a teacher it's because you ran from it. I was in that ran from it category most of my growing up. I saw how many hours my mom and dad would put into their jobs. They'd spend long days at school and then come home and correct papers. It truly is a mission field and not an easy one. The rewards are purely emotional as you see children grow and learn and develop. But that's at the cost of family, of free time, of salary. Teachers are generally quite underpaid. My dad had three jobs the entire time I was living at home. That lovely three months off in the summer? Well, they don't get paid for those three months and so most teachers find themselves competing with their own students for summer jobs painting or clerking, or as camp counselors.

Teacher Gift Ideas
Coming from my background it's easy to see how I can feel a sense of responsibility to the make sure the teachers in my son's life feel valued. So when I have the chance to help a little or to slip them little gifts I make sure I take advantage of the opportunity. The first day of school is one of those occasions. Teachers have been planning and cutting, and readying their classrooms for this day for over a month so to say thanks I had my mom make one of her teacher themed clipboards as a present, and I made a little blank notebook from an old afternoon reader book I found at a thrift store. Then to make it a little extra special (and practical) I clipped on a gift card for one of our local coffee shops. Because trust me, teachers need the caffeine as much, if not more, then we do.

SO PLEASE feel free and make up your own occasions to pamper the teachers in your world. The end of the first week, the first month, the first quarter. Anything will do. But show them some appreciation- trust me they will appreciate way more then you'd ever guess. AND if you are a teacher or have done something creative for a teacher in your life please let us know about it by leaving a comment- Thanks!!!

A Guide for Creating A Vintage Notebook
1. Rip the book apart

2. Tape or somehow cover the raw edge of front and back covers

3. Insert in Cinch machine to punch holes (make sure it's pressed all the way against the very back of the opening)
4. Cut notebook paper to size and use Cinch to punch holes

5. Add wire binding and pinch close with Cinch to finish!

This was just a quickie tutorial for a more in depth how-to see the Vintage Book>Notebook tutorial- Thanks for Reading!!!!

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I LOVE your corsages!! They are the BEST!

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