Friday, September 30, 2011

My Teaching Schedule and Keeping Those Boats Afloat

My schedule, like yours, has been hectic lately. I say yes to things and then wonder later, when stretched for time, why on earth I did. But as soon as one of those "yes's" happen I'm so very very glad I did.

One of those things is teaching. I am always always glad when I get to teach something. It's always a huge amount of prep and means being somewhere not only on time, but ahead of time. It also means a chance to share something I love and it totally floats my boat. To encourage others, to inspire them, and to be that bit of God given synchronicity they sometimes need to jump start their creative lives. It's one of those things that you do that always seems to bless you more than anyone else present. New ideas, new friends, new conversations and sparks- all those things happen in the middle of a class setting. It just thrills me.

But add the teaching, to publishing deadlines, school volunteer activities, bible study and the like I've been having trouble keeping my boats afloat. Lots of important stuff and sometimes I wonder if I should be saying "yes" to so much. The teaching however, seems so right. So important, and I love it so much. So to that I will say "yes" any chance I get.
 Maybe because I've made that commitment, some special teaching opportunities have come my way lately and cool as they are, I want to share them with you. First, I'll be teaching this October at the Creat-a-thon at Art 2 Heart. This is a special non profit shop near where I live that donates it's proceeds to help missions. I just had the opportunity to meet with one of it's participants and am IN LOVE with the enthusiasm that they bring to this mission. Each year they have a Creat-a-thon where creative people get together and craft the night away making unique handmade goods to sell in the shop. I'll be teaching one of my projects. But they're going to have a huge variety of stations, everything from cards, to serving ware will be created. I've just heard a quick overview of where their money and products go and I have to tell you it's impressive. Medical missions, rescue missions, gospel missions... I am SO SO excited to hook up with this group.

I'm also going to be teaching in Houston, TX Nov. 2-4th at the Int'l Quilt Expo. I'll be participating in Make It University which is a Cloth Paper Scissors/Quilting Arts sponsored series of classes being offered during the Quilt Expo. If you've been thinking of attending I'd LOVE to see you!

I'll also be teaching at ART is... YOU in Petaluma, California next September. I can not WAIT to experience this amazing art event. I love the thought of meeting more of you, getting to play with you, and sharing this experience with you. So although it's a year out, if you've ever thought of attending one of those big art retreats that everyone raves about.. DO THIS ONE! It would be so much fun!

So check out the links, and just think about attending one of these wonderful events. I would love to meet you and I know we'd have a fabulous, amazing, write home about it, kind of time together. Thanks!!!

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Congratulations on your fantastic teaching opportunites... Sounds like so much fun! Your son is adorable! Loved your vintage baby shower post too... how amazingly gifted you are!
:-) Kris