Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flores de Villa Peru

I'm busy trying to get an inspiration packet together for the gals headed to Peru next week. So the people they're going to visit next week are on my mind. I thought it'd be fun to share with you the website and some pics of the place they're headed.
The group I know that's going there is connected to a local church here in MN, but the mission program in Peru that they work with is Peruvian Partners.

I pulled this off of the website. It's a brief history of Flores de Villa:

Street View
"The pueblo joven of Flores de Villa is located in the outskirts of Lima, a city of eight million people in Peru.  Previously, a few pig farmers, a garbage dump and a landfill occupied the area.  Squatters invaded the area in 1992 much to the consternation of the local authorities.  However, due to tenacity, desperate need, and the passage of time, these squatters now hold property titles for each 90 square meter lot where they have constructed their cardboard/scrap plywood homes with dirt floors.  Now, most have electricity and some just recently were connected to water and sewage." - August, 2009.
Casa Darling

 Here's a pic of the girls' home they've established there. Besides the girls' home, there's a boys' home, and a medical post. The group has brought the bible, and there is a vibrant bible study group. People with different experiences believe differently in Jesus I think. It's easier for those in desperate situations to cling to Him as their all in all. That sounds like part of the miracle that has happened here.

If you would like to know more about this mission, see some more pics, or donate please visit....
Also, please say a prayer for the group that is going down to teach English next week. Also, they'll be working with the women over their lunch hours to train them in some of the projects we have as well as to help them set up their micro business. Please pray that they are effective and are kept safe. Thank you!!!!

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