Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Textile Blessing

Anyone who's talked to me in the 20 hours has heard this story. Since it's not everyone I know I have to write a post about it too. It's just so so cool! So you know I've been putting together an inspiration book/manual/pattern book for the women in Peru. I've been working on it for about a week. Although my interest area, computer work is not exactly my skills area. So it's taken way longer then it would for most people. Anyhoo, so I've got it put together, run to the hand off meeting yesterday with a couple of the team that's going down there and running horribly late. But as I was driving I was thinking about one thing.
The one thing that popped into my mind was that I wish I'd gotten fabric to send with the little purse patterns my MIL in made up. They're just so cute. Now in my heart of hearts I was wishing I could send some Moda fabrics. I LOVE Moda and would've loved to give the women some for these purses. BUT Moda is a top of the line quilting fabric and way too expensive for me to purchase for this. So I had to let that one go. But I was still a little sorry. 

Now the cool part: I get to the meeting and one of the gals shows me three shopping bags of old fabric her neighbor dropped off. She asks me if there's anything in there we could use and I shrugged and said probably. Not too excited. I've gotten bags of free fabric before and usually it hadn't been used for a reason- not the prettiest or hard to work with, or something. I decide to bring it all home to look at and see if I can make any combinations. I get home, I dump out the fabrics on the floor and start to get really excited. I loved some of the colors and patterns and there was scads of the stuff. So I start to fold and cut and match and what do I see? Half the fabrics are Moda. I laughed out loud. God is so good. He not only provided but even gave me just what I'd wanted most. 

All packaged up and combined with design notes
So there you go- proof that God loves to get involved in even the smallest details, and delights to give us what He can.

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