Friday, February 10, 2012

When God Connects the Dots

Project example
I was teaching some women last week how to make my wire flowers. They will in turn,  be teaching some women in Peru next week so that they can make them and sell them and BUY GROCERIES. I have no idea how my life got this cool. You think as an artist sometimes that you don't matter much. I mean you don't cure cancer- you make pretty things. Then God takes the gifts he's given you and does some totally amazing u turn in your life and you just hold on for the ride. Working with Art2Heart has been an experience like that for me. The story of how I was connected with them is kind of cool so I thought I'd share it with you.

Here's how it came about:
 I meet through etsy another local artist. It just so happens she's in Plymouth- hey, I'm in Plymouth. She mentions an arts ministry she's part of. It just so happens that I knew vaguely of this ministry because my son's school supports it through their art club. Turns out her kids go to the same school!
Project example
It was a dot to dot we were following and slowly a picture has emerged. It's me, getting the HUGE privilege to make a difference in lives a world away because of this group. I have way too many ideas. More then I can really do anything with. I figure they come from God and he lets me start them out. But I don't think he wants me to keep them all to myself. I think in his great goodness that he's allowed me the opportunity to connect with this ministry. I have no ministry background, I couldn't have done anything like this on my own. They were already plugged in and ready- they just needed a few more ideas. Again, how cool is God?

Thanks again to all who commented on my post about this project before.You were all SUPER helpful and I just want to make sure you knew it. Someone named Rabbit posted a reply that totally made me think about this in a whole new way. Thank you! Someone else mentioned banners- we're working on that. Another suggestion is little purses- thanks to my Mother-In-Law (who reads my posts) we have completely original patterns available for them. AND she stepped them out with examples of each stage as well. I'm in awe. Someone else suggested hair accessories. THANK YOU! As you can see, I've taken that one and run with it. I think I like the little headband the most. But here's a cute little hairclip as well....

So this week my goal is to create a book of inspirations, designs, directions, and templates for the missionary team to take with them to Peru. The women will put their spin on some of these products, use what's available to them, although we'll bring some supplies as well. That's part of the coolness. Anyways, here are some of the designs I've been playing with. Just so you can see what I've been up to. :)

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chrissy said...

i absolutely LOVE this and i LOVE that you give credit for your talents where credit is refreshing!
God bless you!!!