Sunday, February 22, 2009

All the difference

Yesterday evening when the sun was going down, I walked into the kitchen and saw the light illuminating beautifully some flowers I had on the counter.

When I saw how they were glowing I ran and grabbed my camera and was able to snap a couple of photos. Now looking at the pics I'm really struck by the difference between the two that I took. In the first the light was streaming just right. Lovely! Then I thought I'd move some of the cluttery stuff in the background before I snapped the second pic. What a difference just a minute makes! In the first the flowers seem to glow, the light is streaming right through the petals as if they were made of stained glass. In the second the light is less warm, and the tulips seem more opaque. Duller.

I have a friend who has been trying to coach me to take better photos. Unfortunately we're doing it over the phone so I'm required to actually understand what she's trying to instruct me in. I learn much better through show and tell. This happened upon late afternoon lesson was a perfect demonstration of what a difference even a slight adjustment in light can do for a photo.

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Anonymous said...

it's easy to see why Monet painted so many haystacks to capture different light! Just read through everything and enjoyed it so much!