Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hurray!!!! A Winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated in my giveaway! I appreciate the time you took to do so. So drum roll..... The winner is Plain Jane! Then because I felt like it, I drew another name...Ilymore! I actually have both of your addresses so start to look out your window for a package in the next week! Again, I love writing this blog and am so appreciative of everyone who takes the time to read it. You are valued!

Now the next cool thing!!! I was interviewed by a local news reporter on Wednesday about Etsy, and my experience as a seller. It was great to have the opportunity to share all the fabulous attributes of this online marketplace. I also got the opportunity to really plug Etsy's shop local feature. Something I'm become more and more a proponent of. I was completely nervous but the first thing they wanted to do was to get some footage of my son, sitting in my lap, helping me to sew. That really helped me to relax and I ended up really enjoying the experience. And I'm VERY excited about the press Etsy is getting and the interest I hope this will generate. The segment will air on the WCCO/CBS station on the10 p.m. news Monday night. Barring any major news story, or scandal. :)

I was working on one of these lamps when they were filming. They've been showing it in progress in the previews for the story. I thought I'd show you the finished version!

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