Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hand Made

I thought I'd share another photo today. I've been working on some different forms for my wire work. One thing I tried the other day was a bowl. It started out all tight and controlled and got looser and looser. The end result is charming although not exactly polished. I don't know why I can't always make things tight and controlled. But if I think about it I don't like the contrived, perfect look of something that was manufactured. I like the hand made look. I always thought the pot with the squished in side was far more interesting then the perfectly formed one. Especially when the artist chooses to see it not as a mistake but as an unexpected element of the design.

Point in case- last year I was trying out a new style. I wanted to free form a heart and then stitch/ tie fabric strips into the piece. The first heart I made was too tight and I tossed it aside. Later I picked up the mistake and thought it wasn't that bad. Then I hung it up. That piece totally grew on me. I loved seeing it on the wall in the mornings. It was sweet. So when I opened my Etsy site at the end of July the first thing I listed was that scribble heart. I had no idea if others would think my mistake was as charming as I did- but I thought I'd give it a try. That heart became my most viewed item.
There is a handmade movement in America today. I think as more people become involved in making crafts the more value they attribute to the work of others. They know the time, effort, and obsessiveness that goes into each item. There is a uniqueness to the handmade that totally attracts me as well. A few months ago I went to IKEA wearing a new sweater I'd got at Target. I saw 3 other moms wearing the same sweater. I laughed- but took off my sweater. No one over 25 wants to look like everybody else. On Etsy there are thousands of cool t-shirt shops and I can guarantee that the likelihood of anyone around here buying the same shirt is very very low because this is still very very new. Handmade lets you stand out. It lets you decorate your house with art that you can't find down at the poster store. It also allows you to deal directly with the artist. I think that's kind of cool. I like knowing the person who created the designs I'm choosing to express my style with in my home. I also like knowing that I'm supporting someone who's taking a chance and living their dream. I guess I could add- like me! So go- check out the Etsy link. With 170,000 + shops you're sure to find something you'll love.


Single Stone Studios said...

The bowl is perfectly imperfect. I really like the fluid nature of it. It's screaming for balls wrapped in scraps of fabric. :)

Jen said...

That was actually next on my to-do list!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow Jen your items are great!

Bob B.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I'm enjoying checking out your blog. Linda

LullabyLily said...

i love your heart!