Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Fly"- Artist Tricia McKellar

"Fly" is a photograph taken by Etsy artist Tricia Mckellar. I was browsing Flickr yesterday and in a serendipitous moment happened upon her work. I absolutely love it. Yes- it's birds and anyone who's seen my work knows I have an affinity for birds. But that actually developed from my love of flight. More explicitly my love for observing flight. The toss of a paper airplane, the drift of a feather in the wind, a kite in early march. I love to see things fly. My favorite made up image of daVinci is to think of him standing outside, sketchbook in hand, watching the flight of birds. How this scientist/artist must have wondered at them. The beauty and the impossibility of something soaring through air. Gliding, being held aloft by an unseen breeze.

Tricia actually seems to capture that entranced moment of wonder. By focusing on the birds and limiting the elements in her photos she mimics the ultraconcetration we experience watching something that fascinates us. Just birds and the telephone pole in that great and glorious sky. No nearby tree or home. No other point of reference no other distractions. She has created an entire series of moments like these. Entitled with single words like "beginning", "departure", and "wanderlust". They all eloquently capture a moment in one beautiful, simple shot. I am very grateful she has allowed me to share her work with you- it's all so lovely. To see the other photos I mentioned, visit her shop on Etsy- www.eyeful.etsy com.

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