Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Photo Shoot Week!

I worried about it, I planned for it, and the anticipation of it nearly threw me over the edge but the week came, and it went and it was wonderful! I was in the hands of professionals (North Light publishes approximately 70 books a year), and the people I met just reinforced that impression I had of professionalism. My editor, Rachel, was amazing to work with, as was the photographer, Christine. They were the two people I spent the majority of my time with and they made it so easy, as well as fun and immensely enjoyable to create this book. Best of all, I now feel like it's going to be such a better book than it was, because these two people have added their talent and time to make it amazing. I was also able to meet the designer, the sales and marketing staff, and a host of others who have completely humbled me with their enthusiasm for their jobs and this book. It was a wonderful experience.

The goal we had for the week was to step out all 25 projects within a Mon-Fri, 9-5 schedule. We finished each night ahead of schedule and by Friday we had just one project left and so I was able to clean up a bit and take a few photos of my own to share with you. It was a fascinating experience for someone who loves books as much as I do, to see first hand how they come together and all the people that are involved in the process.

The studio itself, is such an amazing workspace. The room I was in all week was my photographer, Christine's, and just one room of this massive workspace. It was really fun to get a look at the prop room and to glimpse some of the other author's works as they were being photographed. I have a fascination with the juxtaposition of plain and fabulous and this studio completely embodied that. I've seen the wonderfully polished photographs that are taken in this building and to see the workhorse of a space they're taken in was really interesting. The photo at right is of a room within the studio that they will paint and decorate to use as a backdrop for photographing an author's projects. All week it looked like the photo at right and then the very last day, Friday, it was completely transformed with curtains, furniture, bedding, and was positively adorable. All decked out and ready to showcase the new works of an amazing author. So for me, it was absolutely fascinating to see the lengths that North Light's photographers, designers, and stylists will go to for a great photo.

So that's it for the little studio tour- I hoped you enjoyed it!!

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Single Stone Studios said...

This was so fun to read and the pics are too cool. I'm so glad this experience was so great for you!!