Friday, June 4, 2010


I titled this post "affirmations" because I was going to show you a piece I just completed with affirmations I wrote during the book process but never did anything with. However as I think about it I want to tell you about another experience I've had with affirmations this week.

All week I've been enjoying my "flying lessons" with Kelly Rae Roberts and I think the best part has been connecting with the other flyers. This is my first online class and I had no idea that there would be this much interaction between the students. I wish I could read you some of the comments but of course, can't. The overall feeling I get though is not that these are "in it for themselves" creatives trying to make it but generous, giving, and vulnerable artists who are going to make it, but not by themselves. It's a community and each is supporting the next in their goals, whatever those goals currently are.

For some it's getting started with a blog or etsy shop. Others are looking to make enough money to support their (art) habit, still others have yet to really see themselves as artists but have dreams of doing so. I think it was the dreams that brought them to this class but what I see is the affirmation they are all receiving from both what Kelly Rae is posting, and the other" flyers". I love it. So inspired by this interaction I dug out this list of affirmations and finally created a work of art for it.

Believe it or not I am 36 but still have hopes of changing the world. I know that by now cynicism should have set in but I still have hope. I want to see every artist from child to adult get a hand up as they reach for their dreams. I want to see a world of people living their creative dreams. So there you go. My big secret- I want to change the world. :)


jacqueline said...

This is such an inspirational post! I am also loving the flying e-course lots! Thank you so much for sharing your thougts with us here! I love your "affirmations" piece ~ it's amazingly beautiful and so meaningful! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

Kelly said...

Love it love it. Love your flowers in this one and love your words too. My poor garden has been neglected, I've stopped watering the plants, but no more. Once again, I will don my gloves and grab my pruning shears. Thank you for a beautiful post, and the connection with other artists is one of my favorite parts about the ecourse too. I feel like I've found my long lost sisters. Thank you.

Unknown said...


This is beautiful!!! I'm so loving class too, it's awesome! Great job on your blog button, I grabbed a copy of it and will put it on my blog.
Happy Weekend!

Concetta said...

Great button! And go girl, go change the world with your energy and hope :)

Elizabeth Halt said...

Beautiful! I am loving class too.

I was just looking at your etsy shop and had to come back and say that I love that book photo holder! Being newly self-employed, I am trying to be good about shopping, but I have bookmarked it. It is just perfect.

scrapwordsmom said...

This is true art. It is something I love to do and appreciate you sharing with us!!! I am getting so much out of Kelly's class, too. Finding all of you is one of the best much inspiration and passion!!!

I have now decided after reading several posts that I should become a follower and have you on my blogroll. Awesome stuff here!!!


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Love this piece!

This world could use some changing and I think you just may be the person to do it. Go for it!

Dana Barbieri said...

I am so glad cynicism hasn't set in!