Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Iron On Applique Tutorial

I've been getting ready my backdrop for the art show on Saturday and spent a little time adding cloud appliques to it yesterday. They turned out pretty cute so I thought I would briefly run through the steps and tips in case you'd like to give it a try.
Appliqued Clouds for a Large Canvas Backdrop

Tools and Materials
Fabric to applique on to
Fabric to cut applique out of
Ultra hold sewable iron on interfacing
Iron and Ironing Board
Old towel
Embroidery floss

Step One: Select the fabrics you'll need and then cut out a piece (if necessary) slightly larger than you're desired applique. I knew roughly what size to make my clouds so I cut pieces a couple inches larger on all sides in a really rough shape. Flip fabric over and cut interfacing to cover the fabric. I'm piecing together left over pieces from other projects in the photo. Tip: it helps to do this step actually on your ironing board so that you don't have to carry the fabric and interfacing to your board.

Step Two: Following the manufacturer's instructions for ironing on the interfacing, iron your interfacing in place. You'll be ironing the paper side of the interfacing to the wrong side of you fabric. Tip: Before you iron place an old towel under the fabric you'll be ironing. This protects your board in case some of the interfacing glue gets on it. Also, you should be using an old iron for this that you don't actually use to do laundry anymore. That way if any glue residue gets on the iron it's ok. You could also choose to place a cloth over the project and iron through that.

Step Three: Cut out your shape as desired.

Step Four: Peel off the paper backing of your interfacing.

Step Five: Using your embroidery floss and needle, stitch along the outline of you shape.

Step Six: Iron your applique to the fabric surface you chose. As you iron any of the slight creases or puckering that might have been there after ironing on your interfacing will smooth out.

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