Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Art Helps Support...

Juyona and me at the Taste of India.
Two years ago I was visiting my dad and met two amazing people, Raj and Juyona. They're married, from India, and they run a ministry there that includes an Orphanage, Evangelism, help for the widows, and the handicapped. They founded the Orphanage a few years before I met them after seeing the need for a loving and caring place for children in their region to live. These children have been abandoned at hospitals, by mothers who can't care for them, or they are found by orphanage workers, living in the streets. They are brought back to Mercy and given a home. They are given food, family, and an education. In short, they are given a future. I don't have the statistics in front of me, but a huge number of these children would have ended up in the human trafficking industry. The Orphanage has a big wall around it and is gated. To keep the children safe.

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Raj and Juyona again. This time they had a book with photos of their experiences. As I was flipping through it with Jasper, my little boy, he stopped me and pointing to a photo asked me why that women didn't have any fingers. I took a second look and realized what I thought was a photo of the widows they've been visiting were actually photos of a leper colony they'd visited. It wrenched my heart but was such a good opportunity to share with Jasper.

Slum kids scrounging for food- they're now at Mercy.
In the Bible God asks us to take care of the children, the widows, and the outcasts. I've struggled in the past to see how I fit into this. God made me an artist. I've wondered how I could use these skills to help others. I make pretty things. They aren't necessary items but they do reflect the beauty around us. The beauty God created for us. By giving from my sales to this ministry I feel like I'm helping. I'm not there visiting the widows, or cooking for the orphans, but I'm helping the way I can. Although you can choose to sponsor an orphan, I've chosen to give my contribution to their general fund or building fund. They're currently building a second orphanage. This one will house 450 orphans and widows and is set up in family units so that the widows without families, will have 3-4 children to care for and mother. It's an awesome, inspired idea that I just love. 100% if what I give goes into their ministry. I want to encourage you to visit their site. Find out more, tell someone else- God can use you in this way too. 

Below is a video of a visit to Mercy made by the woman who coordinates US sponsorships and aid. She is handing out letters from the sponsors to the children. It's a great look at how huge an impact a small act can make.

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Single Stone Studios said...

I just love the idea of making family units and fitting widows with orphans. Inspired indeed! Really, I'm in awe of this idea. What a wonderful, wonderful idea. Creating families. Fulfilling a woman's need to nurture and be a mother. Absolutely inspired!