Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bridal Badge Design- The Fun is in the Details!

I was a little naughty this morning. I spent all my time perusing my google reader and forgot I needed to get this post done. OOps!

Here's a quick photo of the badge I've been working on. It's a take off of the Artist Badge in my book. I'm seeing Mom-to-be badges, birthday girl badges, and cutie badges. I'm also seeing a fairly hefty price tag in this girls' future, unless I can speed up my hand beading skills- it took way longer than I'd like to make it. It probably didn't have to have the seed beads, or the pearl strings,or the vintage shell buttons, and all those bits of lace but they were the most fun to add. :)

Hopefully I'll be a flurry of activity this afternoon after Bible Class and I'll show you more tomorrow! :)


Rachel said...

As usual, this is adorable. Loving the lace details.

Single Stone Studios said...

This is really pretty. I've been working with pearls and lace and this color palette myself!

Lydia said...

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