Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My List of Fun Stuff to Make

Mega Doily by Ladies and Gentleman Studio
Thought I'd share my want to do list this morning. It's not my have to do list although there are some things that overlap. So these are strictly things I want to do- some I can or have to make time for now, others will have to wait. So what's on your list? I know we all have them. I'd love to know what's on yours. :)
Knit Cowl from Shop Ruche
My List
  • Learn how to Crochet with rope so I can make a really big doily rug like the one here.
  • Knit a really oversized cowl like the one I saw here.
  • Knit my son a scarf before it gets too cold and I have to run out and buy one out of necessity (which makes me feel horribly guilty).
  • Make one of those fabric flower bib necklaces that are everywhere on etsy and SO cute.
  • Learn how to etch metal so I can make really cool cuffs
  • Get this new dvd on resin jewelry so I can know all the secrets.
  • Make new place mats for my table (might have to settle for just cleaning the old one's really well though).
  • Read a really good book- that's not about crafting or art and fiction.
  • Finish Handmade for Profit by Barbara Brabec before it's due back at the library.
  • Carve Jack- O' Lanterns with Jasper (this we're going to do after school today)- Fun!.

Spiced Apple Bib Necklace by Sweet Apple

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