Thursday, October 7, 2010

Throw Your Stone Thursdays- My Stone for this Week

So I have this friend, Shelley. She has all the good ideas and she's really pretty fabulous. She's one of those people who make you think you must be cooler than you think you are- just because she's your friend.

Two 1/2 years or so ago we met on etsy- I had just started my shop and I think she had just started hers a little previous. We started e-mailing back and forth and when we realized we shared the same faith that really cemented the friendship. She was probably the first person outside my family I told about my book proposal and she's the first person I usually ran to when I was upset or scared or frustrated by something during the whole proposal process and then after when I started to work on the book. She's been amazing and to get to know Shelley, because I hope you do, you should go here and read her etsy story. It all began with a stone.

So here she is introducing Throw your Stone Thursdays. The idea is that we share stories of stones we've thrown that were, as the boy David's was, thrown in faith. I read her post and thought what a great idea and then I panicked because I couldn't think of a stone right away.

Then she reminded me of my jewelry. I've been waiting to add that to my etsy shop for ages. At first I didn't think I was ready and then I wanted to keep it close until the book came out (since part of it is shown in there). That was my excuse anyways. Really I'm a little bit scared. I love it but what if others don't? I mean I know that some people won't- fabric jewelry isn't for everyone. But what if NOBODY wants it? But I love it and I want to put it out there to share and I do that through my etsy shop. Plus, I really feel as if the original inspiration was God-given. So this week I'll start to list it- that will be my stone for this week.

Now what stone have you thrown that you'd like to share with others? What leap of faith have you taken? Or what stone are you throwing now? What kind of scary thing have you committed to in faith? Shelley has Stone Throwing Thursdays set up as a link party. So just head over to her blog here and submit your link. I'd love to know what some of you are reaching for now. :)


Single Stone Studios said...

I've seen that pic of Jasper before and I just love it! It's so cute added to this post. May he always be a stone-thrower ;)

PS - LOVE the wire charms added to the fabric necklaces!! I also love the color they add to an outfit. They could be the perfect accent to liven up an outfit! I'm excited to see them as you list them in your shop.

E Makes Art said...

what a beautiful idea! And don't you love friends like that. So happy you two found each other. And your jewelry is wonderful, of course people will like it! I LOVE the charms in this pict! can't wait to see more.


oh, and thanks for the great tutorial above.

Jen said...

Thanks girls! It means the world to me to have your encouragement- truly!!!