Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chaos- A Portrait of My Studio Space

Ok- so I'm going to go out on a limb here and bare my soul. Well, not really my soul... but the creative space that's at the core of my work. Really I'm just really really stuck with it. I've done a few things right with it, and have let some things get out of control, and simply don't have a good space to put a lot of it. Cleaning and organizing it is a daily to-do that I've yet to do.

Today other people's beautiful studios seemed to be haunting me. I did a little blog hopping before writing this post and ran into a few mentions and pics of other people's creative space and it just sort of reinforced the fact that mine is impossible as it is. It's actually become a storage space and not a work space at all. I can't usually find my desk and I really like a big open surface to spread out on while I work. So I cart things out of my studio and work on the dining room table or I work on the floor when it's clear enough. I'd like to be able to use my space again. I'd like to get a storage system of sorts for the closet. I'd like to use/move a lot of my supplies. I'd like to see my desk again. :)

So maybe that'll be my new year's resolution. Or my "do this before the new year" resolution. I'll let you know. :) In the meantime if you all have any tips or ideas that have worked well for you I'd love to hear it. I have my fabric nicely put away but all the extra stuff, like old t-shirts, old art, half done art, and memorabilia sort of get in the way of the rest of it. My mom keeps telling me I need a bigger room but space is at a premium here and unless I move out to the garage, I think I need to make do with what I have. So ideas are hugely welcome!!


Anna said...

Ha! If I had any great storage tips, I wouldn't have written my blog post today about my crafting space! Weird that we were on the same wave length, huh?

Haven't posted mine yet. I wrote it on my lunch break and need pictures from home. Check me tonight!


Mousy Brown said...

I have a tiny workspace and despite me trying hard it often seems to turn into a huge pile instead of a room - I have just given in on sorting out the choas long term and instead put it down to creativity and tidy it all up when I can no longer stand the mess! Good luck - I look forward to hearing any good advise you get! xx

Single Stone Studios said...

I love your space. I really do and I love that you gave us a peek into it today. The pics I posted today are from all different dates where that particular corner was clean but if you could see the chaos around that clean space you would laugh - or relate ;)

I currently have enough space to put my computer on my desk but not with out pushing a pile of fabrictot he side first, my work table is a mess and needs to be cleaned from my last project, I also have a pile of fabric on the floor, a half done project on the 2 little Ikea tables in the entry area, an overfclowing drawer of paper art supplies that hasn't been put back for at least 3 months bc it's too full and doesn't fit in the cube anymore, and there's overspray of spray adhesive on the floor that is filled with all kind of dust and thread - gross - it needs cleaned. I'm not sure there is enough goo gone on the planet to clean it. It's left over from completing my latest girl.

I read through some of those studio spaces and couldn't believe how "Martha" some of them are. I think they are bigger than my living room! And the cabinetry much nicer than in my kitchen. But I love my quirky, colorful space. It's not what I dream of but it's better than the closet I use to craft in.

Kelly said...

Sheesh - I don't know. I'm not very good at organizing... if you have money, I'd hire someone to help you! That kind of thing just scares me away, and I can so easily find some other task that is more enjoyable...
Good Luck!!
Much love,

Jen @ By Jen ❤️ said...

I find I spend lots of time moving my messes around, too. You know I did try keeping a few trays around with projects so that I could easily move from room to room if I were going to work somewhere different. I had even hoped to make a rack to stack a few, but that never happened. Not sure if that helps.

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

My tip ... boxes, lots of boxes and a label system! I keep most of my books and everyday supplies in my studio/office space as well as some small boxes and baskets with current working projects "pieces". And I keep my materials and bits and pieces in boxes organized on inexpensive ikea shelves in a corner of my basement. Just make sure that you label the boxes in a way that you can "relabel" them later as you use up (or discard) your supplies.