Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In Search of the Artistic Home

The last couple of days I've spent painting. You see it's the last week my 6 year old has school and I just had to get a project finished up. There's no artistic expression involved in this marathon session, alas, instead I'm trying to finish painting our newly remodeled bathroom, and all the trim for the upstairs of our house so that the remodelers can come back and finish up . I've think I've mentioned before how challenging my house is to me. I told someone years ago that my idea of good interior design is a house that hugs you when you enter it. Which means to me that it's got a warm color palette to envelop you, a mix of high and low ceilings where appropriate, (but not too high), big open windows, furniture you can sink right into, natural elements, and artistic personality. I've been working towards this ideal home for about 10 years now. This is our first home and we've only recently had the funds to fix it up much. Which I have to say, feels phenomenal. It is still just an '80's split level, but it's starting to reflect my aesthetic a LOT more. We have wood floors all over the house now, we put in big white windows, the rooms are all painted in natural colors, with lots of creams and browns. There's a real mix of woods which I like. And slowly but surely we're adding furniture I love. I have of course, got wire and fabric art ALL over the place, but I have a good selection of paintings and photographs too. 

A lot of what is making me feel better about the house though, is the little things. For instance, a couple of weeks ago was my birthday and my mom and grandma bought me some Fiesta Ware. It's the boomerang effect. You like what's new and different from your usual. I used to love the white I got for my wedding, but they do lose something when they're chipped, scratched, and 12 years old. The new dishes are bright, pretty, and make me happy to set the table.

I've also got art everywhere and I really really love that. It's not all my art either, I have a print by Erin Leigh of etsy in my kitchen that was a Christmas present this year (love it!), a she art painting that my mom did (it's the cute mom and daughter one), and my fly decal from Single Stone Studios over the entry that always makes me happy to see it. There are the wooden screens I made for either side of the entry door, and  pillows by Katie Benson on my couch. It's all accumulated over the years- a purchase here, a gift there. :) And slowly... slowly... the house is starting to come together. As soon as the bathroom is done I'll show you guys the before and after and I guarantee it'll be a shocker. Just to forewarn you- we still had icky brown shag carpeting on the bathroom floor before this remodel. Of course, there wasn't much shag left to it after 20 + years, but you get the drift. BIG changes. Which reminds me, I should probably wrap this up, and go finish that trim. :)

Have a great day!!!!


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Wow! Your floors are beautiful and I love that vignette over the sofa.

You've now inspired me to spread my art and others' throughout the house and not just in my studio!


Unknown said...

When it's finished you should have a party so we can see the updates!

Jen @ By Jen ❤️ said...

Looks beautiful! I love a home that hugs you.

On my way... said...

Your house is beautiful, I love the art wall, we built ours so it's relatively new, but still we have things to finish off, it's never ending!!

Wanted to say I love your book, Im about half way through and have recently completed my first wire flower canvas (on my blog) and yep, like Cristi I have been inspired to put my art somewhere other than my studio! Thanks :)