Friday, May 14, 2010

Decorating with Kraft Paper and Pineapples!

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All I can say is it's AMAZING what a big roll of kraft paper can do. Here's some photos of an event I helped decorate for. It ended up looking pretty fabulous so I thought I'd share some of the photos with you!

The zebra striped paper became table runners, and the great big giant leaves we painted became the jungle surroundings for a very special Night From Africa event. The event was to raise awareness of the situation in Kinyago-Dandora area of Kenya.This is a slum area just outside of Nairobi that has become the trash dumping area for that entire city. Kenya Children's Fund supports two schools there, a primary and a secondary. They teach them about Christ while ministering to them with the basic necessities: food, medical attention, and an education. This brings hope to both children and their parents and they truly are a light in the darkness that is that area.

Check out the authentic African food- stews, rice, bread, dips, a carrot salad of some sort, and chicken pie. It was all delicious! There were visitors from Kenya with us and they LOVED the food. I was a little hesitant (just because I'm not the most adventurous eater) but it was all really yummy!

After the dinner we went upstairs to the church sanctuary for a program. There was live music, a heart wrenching dvd, and some wonderful testimonies to what the school is doing in that community.

To get involved, check out the Kenya Children's Fund website, they have opportunities for any level of involvement or support!!! Then become a fan on their facebook page too!

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