Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Creative Storage Ideas for Art Supplies

Storage is the problem all of us artist's seem to share. Not only do we lack it, but we want it (when we get it) to be attractive. I've been collecting tin cans, cereal boxes, old metal trays, boxes, books, and papers for a while now and my collection piles are starting to get pretty precarious. My husband and I have started to hear odd noises in the night. Although at first we were puzzled, I've realized that the sounds can usually be traced back to something in my studio falling over. Or off the wall, or the shelve, or out of the closets. You get the idea. My piles of junk are toppling over.

I've started to take action. A couple of posts ago I showed you my new shelf inserts to seperate my fabric pieces. They insert right into my Expedit book shelf from IKEA. I love how that looks now. But what to do about all the little things? I did buy about 5 drawer inserts as well that hold the smaller items that had just been piled up on the shelves. Now there's no more toppling. In the photo you can see my cigar box of colored pencils, and my watercolor crayons, even some glitter mists fit into just one of the drawers.

Then, when over at my parents I found the cutest storage solution for all those supplies that you'd like to keep out on your desk but don't really have a spot for. My mother had an old tin lunchbox that she converted into a little art caddy. Now to find a lunchbox of mine own...

For those big 12 x 12 pads of paper I found an old file cabinet for $2 at a garage sale that I use. I liked the color of the green paint but one day decided it needed a little embellishing. Luckily, I had a decal from Single Stone Studios that only took a minute to apply, and now that cabinet totally makes me smile whenever I enter my art room.

So there you go! A few more ideas. I'd love to hear more from you!!! What have you done to organize? Have you seen any cute ideas? Or transformed a storage container from drab to fab? We could all use some more ideas, so please, leave a comment and links if you have them!!! Thanks :)


lori vliegen said...

these are fabulous ideas.....can i tempt you with a big ice cream sundae to come and help me get my space organized?!!! and thanks for the heads up about the etsy scam....it's amazing the things that people try to do to take advantage of others! :))

Tara said...

Hi Jen!
Lovin your blog and great ideas and art! Awesome. Going to follow along.

Michelle O'Connor said...

Oh wow! Just found your blog! and I LOVE it! I have small studio space but I have garage sale file cabinets that are super ugly beige. I'm totally going to paint them!! Thank you for this so simple but great and creative idea!