Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eight Tips about Creating

1. Always follow the little detours and meanders whenever you can- they usually bring you somewhere you were meant to go that probably wasn't on your map.

2.Be generous with your art and knowledge. Creating an environment of shared discovery is so much better than living in a artist vs. artist world. Inspiration will never run dry. Sharing with someone else might trigger your best idea ever!

3.Know that if you've had an idea that others might have had the same idea, but don't give up on the idea because you will make it unique- just because your experiences, skills, and YOU are different.

4. Have faith in yourself. Just because it seems no one else is doing what you do doesn't mean it's not any good. Many people have ideas that don't act on them because they don't have faith in the idea and let it go. If you feel something has potential or interests you than act on it! Make it happen, you might just be the first!!!

5.Create wherever you can. If you can't-you might be working, or diapering, or doing life stuff, then make sure you write down whatever images or ideas come to you, so that you can create with them later.

6.NEVER assume that you can come back to something, or that you'll remember something for later. Inspiration is fleeting. It comes and goes whenever it likes and you can't control it's schedule. AGAIN, write or sketch it out!

7. Create because you LOVE to, create because you HAVE to. It's who you are, and a necessary part of your life as a creator. Don't judge the product, because just having done something, anything, was time spent doing what your were meant to do. Being who you were meant to be.

8. Art is a gift- so don't forget to thank the Giver!

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