Thursday, May 27, 2010

Designs that Dangle

Roulette Toss Paper Clip Chandelier by ReDesign Technologies
Saw these over at Handmade Spark today and I fell in love. They're elegant, cast beautiful shadows, and get this- they're made out of PAPERCLIPS!!! Yet another example that something amazing can be made of anything. To see more check out ReDesign Technologies on Etsy.
String Garden
Then over at Poppytalk's blog I saw photos of these amazing string gardens. They're perfect. There's a strong tradition of living sculpture in European floral design that I was fortunate enough to be exposed to several years ago in a European floral design class. These photos remind me of some of the environmental sculptures I saw there. Living art, these hanging string plantings by Fedor are simple, statement making, and let me see the entire plant in a beautiful way- as God's art.

Curious, I did a little searching on Etsy for more examples of hanging art and ran into this gorgeous mobile made of circles cut from basic grey paper by paperNplastic's shop. Everything about this attracts me. The butterfly look of it, the bamboo handle with the fairy flower at the top, I love it.
Makes me want to give mobiles a about you?

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