Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Still Life

I finished up the little book at left yesterday morning and right away hung it up near some pretty blue pottery I'd been given last year. Then I placed the little "fly" piece next to it and thought "what a charming little vignette." Ok maybe I really thought "that looks pretty". But "charming vignette" sounds better.

It is pretty though and I enjoy having the collection in the corner of my dining room. The dining room table is our only table and it's where I do the majority of my art, and writing. So I like to have things I enjoy surrounding me here. Across from where I sit is a shelf with my painting of Venice, some flowers I made and some odds and ends I collected. I also have a collection on a shelf that's just opposite of where I sit filled with what's really the bric a brac of life. But I love it.

Although these are my favorite vignette areas I have mini still life's scattered throughout the house. A few things gathered on top of a table, a collection of photos and jewelry on top of my bureau. As I walk around my home during the day I see these things and although I don't consciously think about it, these little still life's are what make my house a home to me.

Lately I've been exploring collections in my art as well. Grouping two or three or more items together to tell a story. I've been using the shadowbox format primarily but this weekend found myself embellishing this little book. It was done simply, with rub-on's and a few paper embellishments, but I enjoyed the "collected" look of the finished piece. How do you showcase your collections? Do you put them out on display or do you keep them in special "treasure" boxes? Is it enough to have them or do you want to surround yourself with them? Does having things you love around you really effect how you live your life? Or is it simply a comfort? What do you think?

Would I be a different person if I lived in an old stone house from the turn of the century than if I lived in an ultra modern loft? How much do our surroundings shape who we are? I'm not sure. I do know I'm really sensitive to the things around me. But enough to change my personality? Makes me wonder....

Author's Edit: I was just over at An Artful Life by Shona Cole and today's post is a closer look at the treasure box from her book. So for more collecting ideas visit her blog, here.


Single Stone Studios said...

Do our surroundings shape who we are or do we shape our surroundings? Hmmm. Maybe a little of both. When we conciously shape our surrounings we feel empowered and I think that makes us live a more confident, daring life. At least, this is what it does for me.

Jen said...

So it's affirming... thanks for your comment Shelley!

Shona Cole said...

oh I love the grouping idea! each piece elevates the others.

Jen said...

Thanks for your comments!!