Monday, June 7, 2010

Fear or Faith- You Choose!

I rarely bring past posts back but this post about fear keeps coming to mind as I'm reading the comments from Kelly Rae's"flying lessons" class. There are so many of us that experience a fear that keeps us from flying.

But we can choose to overcome that fear and we can all, I know, fly. I hope you find this post helpful in your journey. So this is for all you "flyers" out there, enjoy!

You Choose- Fear or Faith

Fear grounds us. It keeps us down on the ground where we're comfortable. It tells us we might get hurt if we venture forth. That it won't work, or that we'll look ridiculous for having tried. Better not to try. Better to stay where we are and hold our ground than to make the bold move forward that might result in disaster. Fear talks to us dramatically. It's always the worst possible scenario we imagine. The worst possible result. We're asked what's the worst that can happen? Fear answers back with a vision of the Apocalypse.

But really- what is the worst that can happen? Realistically. Instead of focusing on the worst possible result, imagine the best. Realistically you might fall somewhere in between, but what would you have gained from having tried? Or lost for having not tried?

At the times when fear threatens to influence me for the worst, I turn to faith to bring a measure of reality. Faith that my skills are there, faith that good will come of the situation, faith that I won't jump off the cliff only to fall, tumbling to the very bottom of the cliff. Faith that God has a plan for me and has given me my abilities, my dreams, and a desire to pursue them for a reason. I might not see it, you might not see it, but that's not to say it isn't there. So I stand here, afraid- but ready to fly.

What challenges you? Is there something you're afraid to pursue? Something you long for and wish to be, but are afraid that if you try and fail you'll never try again? My dream for a long time was to be an artist. Because I was afraid that if I actually tried to become one and failed that I would never be able to screw up my courage to try again, I eventually gave up art all together. But somewhere on the journey I began to have faith.

Faith that God gave me my talent, my personality, and that dream for a reason. Not to hide it all, not to push down that desire, but so that I might have everything I need to live the life He created me to have. I hold onto that whenever I'm afraid, or feel rejected, or think I'm not good enough. Today I want you to look at the pieces you're given. What are your skill areas, are you a good writer, a skilled logician, or do you have some other natural abilities? What are your dreams? What hope in your heart of hearts do you treasure and protect? What experiences have you had in life that prepared you for entering a certain area? Do you have a heart for service, an abusive relationship in your past, and a love for art? Do you dream of helping others with your art? Do look at Art therapists and wish somehow you might do that?Do you have a heart for children, or do you love to create? To introduce beautiful things into the world? To show others that beauty? Give it some thought and then- believe!


Shelby and Bev said...

love, love, love what you have to say about fear and faith, god and art...a woman after my own heart! also, my sweet sis lives in savage, minn...she has for over 35 years...i have been there numerous times...minnesota is like my 2nd home!
glad to have found kelly's class...
stop by my blog when you have a chance...
take care...

Anonymous said...

yr post really spoke to my heart....i just came home from a 2 day conference that talked abt hving courage, faith and another speaker talked abt how GOd didnt give us a spirit of fear or timidity!

great to know u in class!
love lynn

scrapwordsmom said...

I am a writer. Ten years ago I ran a marathon and I kicked my writing up a notch. After running my marathon I went straight to the paper with a newfound courage and asked them if I could apply to be a column writer. They did and I was for the next 5 years!!!

Writing a weekly column teaches you so much about discipline and seeing the world in a whole different way. It was an incredible time in my life!!

What is speaking to me now is a compilation book of all my columns and recipes. Fear is the number one factor I haven't been going gang busters on it.

But I am trying to overcome.

I know I will!!

blue moon mama said...

Thanks for sharing this again! It really spoke to me because it's something I'm struggling to figure out (what I am called to do) and overcome (fear of failure and of success).

I hope you don't mind but I've added a link and excerpt to my blog page featuring excellent blog posts. YOu can see the link here:

Dana Barbieri said...

I will be re-reading this one often. thanks