Saturday, June 26, 2010

"My Mama is an Artist"

Photos taken by my son- J. Swift, age 5
I wrote this post in my head last night while I was putting my son to bed. I was thinking about a moment earlier in the day when he had my camera. He was snapping pics and said in this oh so serious voice, "Now I want to take a photo of the Artist with her Art." At the time I just thought how cute his little voice was when he said it. But later, as often happens, he was going to bed and I was going over the days moments in my mind. Suddenly I began to think of that comment in a different light.

My son is 5. He has never known the mama that was too scared to call herself an artist. The mama who wanted more than ANYTHING in the world to be an artist. He never knew the frustrated me who was always out of sorts because I had a dream with no idea how to realize it. He never knew the mama who was, honestly, scared to reach for her dream because there was risk associated with it.

The mama he knows is an artist, who makes art every day, who has business cards that say "artist" under her name. The mama he knows wrote a book about her art journey. He doesn't know anything different. I think I'm very glad that the mama he knows dreams big and reaches for those dreams. He's seen my work in magazines, he's seen me excited, he's seen me selling my work and goes with me when I ship it to places like Vancouver, Singapore, and Australia.

I wonder if he'll grow up ready and expecting to reach for his own dreams someday because of this. I wonder what kind of influence this mama will have vs. the me that existed before. And I wonder if maybe the timing of it all wasn't due to the fact that this me had become a mama. There's something about becoming a mother that clarifies your view of the world. That makes you more ready to stand up for your family and your self as an extension. Truly, I wonder if I would be the artist I am today if I hadn't become a mama first.

What about you? What has changed your life and are you ready to grasp your dreams? Will you be the person you want to be or the person you don't? What kind of mama or papa will your child know? Will she be an Artist? Will he see you frustrated by life, or reaching for your dreams in spite of the daily frustrations of life?

As always I'd love to hear what you think- so please leave a comment!


water scissors paper said...

Love this post. I had a similar experience when I was telling my 15 year old that a woman I met said "you are an artist. Like a real artist". After I told him the story he said, "Mom you are". Kids are so honest. Straight shooters that we as adults can learn from everyday.
Kelly Rae's e course, along with what the universe is sending me is making me believe it too.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, how i needed to read this! Thank you for writing it!! ♥♥

holly christine said...

jen- SO glad i found you. before i keep browsing and oohing and ahhig over your too cute art, i wanted to tell you how much i connected with this post. i am ALWAYS thinking about how my little one will view me. will he see a daring mommy who wore red shoes and chased after her dreams fearlessly? or will he see a mommy who has been paralyzed by that voice telling her she is not good enough. i choose the first one!!

Lessons Learned said...

what a great post! I needed to read this. I'm far from being a mom, but I hope by the time I get there I can call myself an artist cause I don't ever feel there yet, even though I keep trying, especially through our ecourse. It's so hard though...I guess I'll keep trying to be like you and your birds, which have always been a favorite of mine anyway, i'm so glad I found you!

Kerri said...

oh, i am so glad for you!

scrapwordsmom said...

Kids do say amazing things. I have been on a weight loss journey since April. And while I have lost 15 pounds I still want {and need} to lose about 15 more. My 15 year old son says to me the other day...Mom you are already skinny enough. You don't need to lose anymore. You look great!!

Wow. He made my day!!!

I love your art btw and I love stopping by:)

Staci said...

Down the road your impact on your child's life as an artist will have more benefits for both of you. I don't have children and will never get to. BUT, my mom was/is an artist. That greatly influenced me and where I've gone and will go in life. Your son is one lucky little boy!

Kolleen said...

oh how i love this post!

our children are so wise and they really see the truth! to is quite simple, "my mom is an artist". PERIOD.

i often wonder what happens to us as we get we lose that truthful, simple point of view. but i certainly know becoming a mama helps bring it all back!!

you are an artist.
a beautiful artist.
and i love that your sweet little one sees you for who and what you are!!!

love and hugs,

and your dream wire birdie is TOO much! i love him!!!

Green Girl said...

Hi Jen,

What an inspiring post for budding artists, especially moms! I'm sure your son is so proud to have you as his mother! and it feels great to hear from people who have pursued their dreams!

the interview is now live on my blog:) Thank you so much for being part of it!

Keep inspired,

Dana Barbieri said...

I love this post Jen. Your little guy is great and I often wonder these things for myself. Agreed being a parent brings alot into focus. Thanks for being an inspiration as always!

Dana Barbieri said...

p.s. forgot to say love the dream bird. too cute!

Kelly said...

I want to bottle up this post and take it with me everywhere I go. I really hope that my kiddo sees a happy mom, reaching, stretching for her dreams and living life with passion! This kind of thing gives me the extra energy needed to take those scary steps to achieve my dreams! Thank you!!

Single Stone Studios said...

Amazing post. My kids have seen the mama before and the mama after. They've seen the frustration, the struggle to reach, to grow and become. They've seen prayers become reality and dreams come true. I used to cry tears of fear and sadness that they were witnessing my before. That sadness has turned to joy. Joy that they share with me.

Just this weekend we made a mad dash to Books-A-Million to get a copy of the magazine Billy and I were published in. As I grabbed it and quietly yelled down the aisle I was overcome with emotion that I was sharing that moment with them! I live quite a blessed life. A blessed life, indeed!

The MadStamper said...

Wow! What a post! That hits me right in the heart, I actually have tears in my eyes right now. I, am still trying to break free and figure out how to make myself an is such a frustration and an emotional battle...I am hoping to figure it out so I too may feel as accomplished as you do ~ thank you Jen for sharing your heart/mind and soul!!!