Thursday, April 15, 2010

Handmade Information

Recently I've been searching out information that will allow me to create a better blog, a better Etsy shop, and basically educate me on the business of selling and promoting the crafty handmade. I began with the preconceived notion that a)there wasn't really all that much out there and b) that I would have to wade through a lot of repeat information to find anything valuable.

I was so wrong. While there is a lot of repetition out there I've found some really fabulous information very easily and quickly. I value that. As a stay at home mom I never know when I'll be able to hop on and do a little searching or how quickly the time that I do have will end. I'll grab a coffee and sit down thinking I have the morning and a scant ten minutes in will be jumping up to transfer laundry, or to get the phone, or rush to the post office to mail a package I forgot about earlier. So everything has to be squeezed into these little increments of time that fall between everything else. Because of my time constraints, I like blogs and e-newsletters, especially the e-newsletters. All this information just lands in my e-mail each morning ready for me to open and scan whenever I have the opportunity.

Of these, I really like Timothy Adams' Handmade Spark e-newsletter. I admit I subscribed so I could get the free blogging blueprint he was offering BUT I've been receiving this daily for about 4 or 5 weeks at least and there is always SOMETHING that catches my eye. He usually includes some lovely Etsy eye-candy but also has some great guest writers sharing business tips, photography information, better blogging ideas and the like.

There's MORE!!! Here are a few yummy looking blogs I found while searching and a little bit about how they describe themselves-
Meylah :
"Here at Meylah, our goal is to help creative folks succeed in building their businesses online. We know it can be tough, but with our weekly entrepreneurial advice and social networking know-how, you’ll be one step closer to success".

Buzz Blog:
This blog just launched but I've chatted with the editor and I think she's going to be worth reading. Here's the description- "Create some buzz with the Buzz Blog! Learn (& share) about indie business topics and other fun stuff for the craftily self-employed! The Buzz Blog is edited by Jen Wallace of Buzz PR and Indie Fixx"

Handmade Business Blog:
The Handmade Business Blog is a collection of posts about selling handmade products online. Site reviews, tips, advice, and tools for use with Etsy and other selling venues. (Squidoo)

If you'd prefer not to get it as a newsletter, the same basic info is available in a blog format at the Handmade Spark Blog.

The Art of the Business Blog:
"A blog dedicated to artists serious about their business." Check out their recent post about scheduling your social media efforts here.

The Storque:
The other fabulous resource for all things etsy related is Etsy's own blog/community The Storque. They constantly have forum threads running about anything and everything etsy.


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Thanks for sharing! I've been wanting some info on these subjects myself lately.

Jen said...

I've noticed we're on a similar interest track lately. :) Thanks for your comment!!!!