Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How does Your Conversation Go?

Yesterday I pulled out a big canvas I'd prepped the other day and started to paint. I have a big spot at the top of my stairs and I've been envisioning a landscape there for some time. I wanted it fairly abstract, I wanted to feel renewed and connected with God when I saw it, and I wanted it fairly large. So glopping the paint straight on to the canvas, and with my 3" wide flat I started to mix the paint and spread the paint.

I love these moments. It's all about feeling the medium and there's an interaction that takes place, almost like a private conversation between the painting and me. I'll smear some blue and it'll say "oooh ooh- and I need green over here" or "now you need a streak of orange over there". It goes on like that for a while. Sometimes I'll try something and immediately see it doesn't work, or that it might work but only if I do.... The painting or collage is done when the conversation ends. Every once in a while I'll get an insight or inspiration that amazes me and that's when I feel like the Holy Spirit has swooped in and entered the conversation. I feel as if the time creating, and the work I'm creating are both blessed then.

I wonder if this makes sense to any of you. I wonder how your creative experiences go. What does your inner voice tell you as you're working? Mine goes through elation, frustration, (horror sometimes when I do something REALLY off), and eventually I reach a state of satisfaction and peace. Not always, but usually I can get there.

What is your process like? Is it less of a conversation and more of a dance? Or is your experience more prosaic, do you hear a "here-here-here- and here". Never a "oops-NOT THERE!" That wouldn't be wrong, just different than I experience and so I'm curious. What is it like for other artists? Is there a conversation at all?

Just some thoughts I had this morning, that I thought I'd throw your way. Hope you have a fabulous day and Happy Creating!


Cre8tiveQueen said...

It is a dance for me... I go and go and go! Feeling great, escaping into the canvas... and colors! And then stometimes I don't know when to stop!
I need to enjoy that dance and not over think and be critical of myself and think "Oh... just a little more here and there"
How do I find time to make time to dance is the question?! I need to make time to do more art!
I signed up for your class next week! =) YEA!

Jen said...

Thank you!!!! Both for the comment (I loved reading what you had to say)AND for signing up for the class!!!! YAY!!!