Thursday, April 8, 2010


Prep Work. It kind of says it all right there. Prep is something we do in advance to make something ready, usually in anticipation of a commitment of time or otherwise. Work is the mundane, repetitive things we do in order to achieve something greater. My life seems to consist of a lot of prep and work right now. Here's some of the things I've been working on:
  • Wire work- so I can stitch up a few more flowers to send to my editor and designer to play around with as they work on the layout and design of the book.
  • Writing up an article to send off to a magazine.
  • Researching the blogging world, who's here, which platforms are the best, what are my options with say, Wordpress vs. Blogger.
  • Improving my blog. I'm no html genius so it's been going a little slowly.
  • I'm saying no to my son quite a bit lately, and taking the time to explain the right and wrong in situations. Really I'd rather not have to, but we're building character :).
  • Gardens- I've done a bit of pruning and raking trying to ready the space for spring.
  • Home- I honestly haven't put enough time in and the place needs a spring cleaning bad.
  • Projects- I've done quite a bit of gesso-ing over old paintings and boxes lately, preparing to paint them. I've also been helping a friend prepare the decorations for an event she's sponsoring in May. Again, the end result is going to be fabulous!
When we, as artists, mothers, gardeners, or friends, invest time preparing for something we are investing in the future. We are preparing for a season of growth in our art, personal lives, or life experiences. It's a little mundane at times, but so worth it when you think a bit about it. All the actions I've been taking above will pay off. The magazine will come out and I'll have that thrill of seeing my work in print. This blog, will eventually be completely kick ass. My home will be clean and I'll be able to enjoy the space and beauty it contains. The projects- well, they'll be fabulous or not, can't tell yet, but I've taken them to the place they need to be so that I can create the fabulous. My son will grow up to be thoughtful and caring of others. It'll all happen, but I recognize that it wouldn't if I don't put the time in now. It's all good, it's all right, but none of it is easy.

What are you preparing for? What do you find yourself doing now, to prepare for future success? Where do you put your time and effort? Just some thoughts I had this morning.... :)


Single Stone Studios said...

Wow. Those are some hefty thoughts to wake up with. It all reminds me of James 2:17 - faith without action is dead. We have plans and faith for many things for our futures but until we put our actions with our faith - it's dead. In fact, in James 2:22 it says by our works our faith is made perfect.

I think this goes along well with the post your wrote yesterday on inspiration and motivation. We must keep ourselves motivated and working towards the things that we have faith for. When you put your hands to it He will bring the inspiration that makes your combination of faith and works perfect. This is reiterated in Deuteronomy 28:12 (a chapter on our blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience) where it says that "he will bless all that we put our hands to". I think our prepwork is not only action but obedience.

Jen said...

Thank you Shelley! I think it's pretty amazingly cool how often God uses you to finish my sentences/thoughts!

Single Stone Studios said...

I think it's pretty awesome the way he uses you to get me thinking!

Anonymous said...

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Shona Cole said...

yes, you are so right... preparation is so key! right now painters are prepping bedrooms in my house for painting... does that count? :) I prepped by picking the colors... ok that was the fun part!
great post