Friday, April 23, 2010

Today's To-Do's

Yesterday's to do list was awful. Clean the house, wipe the nose and hand prints off the windows, figure out what made that stain on the carpet, and do all those little things that need to get done only when you have company coming. Oh yeah, and package and ship some orders, make a trip to the grocery store and get ready to entertain...I do like to have friends over though so it was all worth it, but today should be more fun.

Today's to-do list reads:
  • Clean up leftover dishes from dinner party
  • Play with new collage
  • Take my son to the park for a picnic (if weather's nice)
  • Cuddle with my kid while reading the latest adventures of Doyle and Fossey, fifth grade science detectives (if weather's not nice)
  • Page through some new craft books
  • Write a to-do list (check)
  • Write a blog post (double check)

Sweet! Two done already!!!! What are you going to do today? Is anything creative on your list? Just wondering.....


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Hey Jen! I got an order in the mail yesterday from MisterArt. When they ship, they send tons of brown craft paper as packing. I'm gonna gesso one side of each sheet, then paint each one to use in my art journal and collages.

That's my to-do list for today. Sounds like fun, huh?

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

BTW - Love that new piece! That heart with wings is great.

Single Stone Studios said...

Love the new piece too!! Wow!

I think Cristi is having too much fun alone with that kraft paper and gesso - maybe we should help her with that ;)

Jen said...

I totally agree! Kraft paper sounds great! I have a friend who bought a HUGE roll from the hardware store the other day. I didn't know you could buy it like that. We spread it out on the lawn and painted zebra stripes over about 50 feet of it to use as table runners for an african themed dinner. Something about that brown is soooooo lovely!!! Hope you have a fabulous time Cristi- and I shipped yesterday! :)

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Hey Jen & Shelley! You guys feel free to head down here to Florida and we'll paint to our hearts content! We've got lots of sunshine and sweet tea.

Jen said...

That would be soooo much fun! How about tripping up here in September for the Creative Connection Event? I know it's a long shot but thought I'd ask.... :)

Creating with Christian friends sounds so wonderful. Can you imagine how strong the Holy Spirit's presence would be?

Shona Cole said...

Jen, I love your wire work. thanks for the blog visit and kind words.