Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Inspirations- New Tray Collages!

So I know I've shared with you in the past how much I LOVE Odilon Redon's pastel paintings of flowers. Because of this great love of mine I return every once in a while to the vase arrangement as a composition in my own art. Apparently it was time again because when I sat down last week to play around with another tray this floral arrangement was what came to me. It's cute and I liked playing with the patterns and colors of the fabrics. The buttons were a fun addition too.

The second piece, Bloom, was inspired by my new Fossil purse (which I sooo shouldn't have gotten but I really really love it- and I had a coupon). :) But now that I made something inspired by it I somehow feel a little bit better about the splurge.

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