Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Immortalizing My Favorites

Every once in a while, I'll find something I love so much I'll want to compose an ode about it.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, I am a horrible poet so nothing ever rhymes and I never get very far, but the sentiment is there. A couple of things I've felt like composing about lately are my crop-a-dile and my new 7 Gypsies Venice gaffer tape set. I love them both.

Ode to My Crop-a-dile
I love my crop-a-dile, it works with such ease, and it chomps through metal like butter.

But my newest love is the 7 gypsies tape. I had a little free time yesterday so I was going to try adhering the broken pieces of carpenter ruler around my shadowbox frame. I've had trouble with that lately, I don't get a strong bond. But then my eyes lighted upon my new tape and I had one of those moments where an idea comes, and it feels slightly audacious. Would it? Could it? Will it work?

It did. I was able to use the tape to cover the edges of my frame and honestly, it looks fabulous. Then, when I was trying to figure out how to attach the copper sheeting I wanted to place behind the word "soar" I reached for my tape again. Using one of the other patterned styles that came in the set of three. So easy and I like the taped on look.

So I have yet to actually compose an ode to my tape, but I am certainly in love.

Author's edit: OOPS!! Forgot to mention my Craft Sheet- LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!


    Single Stone Studios said...

    Gaffers tape, oh gaffers tape, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

    You make the perfect border

    and even hold my copper.

    This is a project that won't end up in the hopper.

    Jen said...

    You rock! I knew there was a reason we had such an easy bond with each other....:)